You can bake a batch of cookies with various recipes. Whether you are starting from scratch or you are using a foolproof cookie mix, there are various recipes you require to come up with amazing cookies.

The best seven recipes to try

French Biscotti

French BiscottiThese are croquettes that have a beautiful almond flavor and some lemon. They are light and easy to eat. You can make croquantes that are filled with cream by starting with a simple tuile recipe (croquettes are thicker than tuiles and so they are more crunchy). The trick to rolling them is, knowing when to start.

If you begin rolling once they are out of the oven, they will tear and if you wait for so long, they will cool and become stiff to wrap on a pencil or a wooden spoon handle. After removing them from the oven, put them on a parchment paper onto a wire rack and start rolling them after a minute.

You must do it fast, otherwise they will start hardening.

Cream-filled chocolate croquantes

Cream-filled chocolate croquantesFilling them is simple. You can make a ganache using crème fraiche instead of using cream. It is easy to pipe them into rolled cookies and then dip each end in a bowl that contains chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate chunk shortbread and salted butter

Chocolate chunk shortbread and salted butterThese cookies live up to their name mostly because they are made using shortbread that is sweet. And being loaded with chocolate helps so much and do not forget to add salt since it makes the flavor explode.

Chocolate sandwich cookies

Chocolate sandwich cookiesThis variety requires 2 light and fairly chewy chocolate cookies. It puts them around a silken ganache layer. They are just exquisite in perfect taste.

Sweet slices

Sweet slicesYou require:

  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Small amount of baking soda
  • Butter
  • Sanding sugar (for decoration). This is sugar that is in big, beautiful crystals which can be gotten in grocery stores’ baking aisle.
  • Flour

When mixed in the right proportions, for instance lots of butter, they form amazing light, crisp cookies with a wonderful flavor and the right amount of sweetness which is definitely good for your health.

Berling rings

Berling ringsThe ingredients used in sweet slices are the same ones used in berling rings without baking soda. On their own, berling rings are a bit dry. However, you should serve them with tea, coffee or ice cream. They are a great enhancer.

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Oatmeal raisin cookiesThis recipe is by Thomas Killer (America’s finest chef). These cookies are large but you can make them smaller if you like.

Thomas and his team have the formula for the best oatmeal raisin cookie. Sugar, cinnamon and butter are combined perfectly with eggs, flour and oats. The flavor is brought together by vanilla and the raisins are sweet, lovely jewels to cherish all through the cookie.


Those are the best recipes to try if you want to end up with the most amazing, sweet cookies.

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