By 2021, there will be almost 233,000,000 licensed drivers throughout the United States. Although the majority of American adults drive their car regularly, many people share they don’t necessarily enjoy driving. 

In fact, the global analytics firm Gallup has found that more than 20% of US drivers don’t like driving. Worrying about safety is a major reason why people don’t always enjoy getting behind the wheel – and it’s not just a problem in America.

If you want to become a safer driver, read on. In this article, we’ll be sharing our 5 top tips for staying safe while you’re on the road.

1. Communicate Hands-Free

Did you know that cell phones are thought to cause 1 in 4 car crashes? Checking your phone while driving isn’t just incredibly dangerous – it’s also illegal.

The best way to drive more safely is to place your smartphone somewhere you won’t be tempted to check it if it buzzes. If you urgently need to make a call, invest in a handheld radio, such as the Anytone 878, that’s compatible with in-car Bluetooth systems.

Hands-free communication will give you complete peace of mind without running the risks of making a call on your phone.

2. Preview Your Route

You’re far more likely to have a car accident on an unfamiliar road than you are on your daily route to work. This is because you won’t be prepared for any dangerous parts of the journey.

If you’re going to be driving an unfamiliar route, an excellent way to prepare for your trip is by researching your route beforehand. Check for any accident hotspots along the way and preview them using the street view feature on Google Maps.

This will help you expect the unexpected and know which parts of the journey will require particular concentration.

3. Keep Bags and Luggage in the Trunk

If you’re traveling with items that nobody will need to use during your journey, always store them in the trunk of your car.

Should the worst happen and you have a collision, even lightweight items such as tissue boxes and small bags can become hazards. This is because the impact of the crash can cause them to fly forwards and hit you or your passengers in the head.

Once your trunk is full, you can store items under the seats to keep them safe while you’re driving.

4. Use A Sat Nav

Attempting to read a map while you’re driving can be incredibly dangerous. It’s not just mobiles that can land you in court – using a map will mean you’re a ‘distracted driver’, which is the leading cause of car crashes around the world.

If you need directions, program a sat nav (satellite navigation device) before you get on the road. This will mean you won’t need to worry about navigating whilst driving. Many devices will also warn you of road closures or accidents which could disrupt your journey.

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5. Know When to Take A Break

Finally, the golden rule of driving safely is to know when to take a break. A strong coffee won’t always cut it – whether you need to check into a motel or share the driving with another passenger, make sure you get out of the driver’s seat as soon as you can if you’re feeling sleepy or finding it hard to focus.


Next time you’re planning a road trip, we hope these top 5 tips will help you stay safe behind the wheel.

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