5 years in prison for Mexican Hollywood star Pablo Lyle for manslaughter

5 years in prison for Mexican Hollywood star Pablo Lyle for manslaughter

In what many are deeming an unjust ruling, a Miami Circuit judge sentenced Mexican actor Pablo Lyle to five years behind bars for his involvement in the death of another man during a road dispute last year. The 36-year-old defendant was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after striking the other person and causing their death.

On Friday, a six-person jury found Lyle guilty of manslaughter in the death of Juan Ricardo Hernandez (63) after a week-long trial. This verdict was reported by American news network Fox News.

The court mandated that the actor must complete 8 years of probation, 500 hours of community service and attend conflict resolution classes. He has 30 days to challenge their ruling.

Tragically, a traumatic brain injury led to the death of this individual only four days after being admitted to hospital.

During the 3-hour hearing, Lyle – donned in a bright red prison uniform and having been incarcerated since October 4th – conveyed his sorrow.

Lyle apologized to the Hernandez family, speaking in Spanish and gazing at them with deep concern. “It’s my sincerest prayer that he finds peace and you find comfort,” Lyle said, his words resonating with heartfelt sincerity.

Pablo Leal emerged into the world on November 18, 1986 in Mazatlan, Mexico. During his childhood years he attended Catholic school and embarked upon a modeling career before transitioning to acting in 2005.

In 2009, he debuted as the lead in the Mexican film “La Sombra del Pasado” and then was cast in “The Summer of Love” (Verano de amor), a hit TV series. After that, his career went from strength to strength as he starred in numerous films.