Dreams have special powers and unique properties. Sometimes they fade away as quickly as a light fog in the warm sunshine. Other times they linger long into the daytime and exert a powerful influence over a person’s emotions and mood. Sometimes they bring unexpected joy, and other times they cause anxiety and even fear. At Good Psychics, we know that dreams often provide valuable insights into our deeper natures. A look at 6 common dreamscapes reveals much about the inner mind.

1. Falling. Most people have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of falling in a dream, often dropping from cliffs or tall buildings. Individuals who experience this dream regularly often come to realize that things are not going well in their lives. It could be an indication that an individual needs to make an important change.

2. Nakedness. This is also associated with an uncomfortable feeling, especially when it happens in a public space. It could mean that the dreamer is ashamed about something, or that he or she is aware of shortcomings. It could also be a sign that the person needs to make some adjustments in life.

3. Running. Dreamers who are running away from a pursuer are likely fearful of something. This is one of the most complex of dreams and is one that some of the most famous psychics have wrestled with over the years.  Various interpretations suggest that the dreamer could be running away from anger or passions, or it could involve a past trauma or former relationship.

4. Dying. When a person dreams about dying, the popular interpretation is that the dreamer is fearful about change or the unknown. When a person is near the end of his or her life, a dream of death is sometimes seen as reassuring, as though the person is ready to depart this dimension. Dreams that involve the deaths of loved ones, especially children, sometimes reveal a person’s fear of a son or daughter gaining independence. You can try a psychic reading online at juneauempire.com

5. Infidelity. This subject in dreams is likely to reveal trust issues. It can be an indication of a troubled relationship. Sometimes, these dreams can seem so real that the dreamer might actually believe he or she has already been betrayed. More than likely, experts say, the dream does not mean a partner has actually engaged in infidelity. 

6. Flying. When a dreamer takes flight, it is often a liberating experience and frequently brings joy to the dreamer. Sometimes, though, it can be a fearful experience, and the dreamer might believe he or she could suddenly lose the ability to fly. Other times, though, it has a connection to a person’s sexual identity and the power to overcome societal restraints.


Dreams provide the dreamer with a glimpse into another realm of the mind. They allow a person to get away from conventional thinking and explore hidden depths in the complicated psyche. The best love psychic readings also open a window into the future, especially regarding deep and special relationships, Now is the time to open the mind to a new direction in life.

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