Getting a good night’s sleep can be essential to a long and healthy life. The benefits are numerous; feeling awake and refreshed each day will allow you to be more productive and make it more likely you will exercise more and not snack on junk food as much. It will help you look good, eliminating bad skin and bags under the eyes. Overall, it makes life more enjoyable.

Eliminate Light and Noise

Maybe some can sleep in almost any condition, but for me, it needs to be dark and quiet, or I just can’t nod off. There are various ways we can address these issues. The most straightforward and most budget-friendly approach is to wear earplugs and use a sleep mask; this can be very effective, but some can feel uncomfortable. If we think the previous suggestions are not practical enough, then we must consider more substantial options. For blocking out light, we should use blackout blinds. To successfully block out noise, the possibilities are considerably more expensive, making more structural changes.

Cut Out Screen Time

It’s a well-known fact that using a screen late into the evening can make us more awake and difficult to relax or even sleep. Overuse of screens has resulted in fewer minutes of sleep or even feelings of grogginess in the morning. If we must use our screens, a good idea is to employ a blue light filter; as the more blue light we view, the lower our melatonin levels are, and this hormone is essential for making us feel sleepy.

Have Comfortable Bedding

If we are physically uncomfortable, how do we expect ourselves to fall asleep quickly and continue through to the morning in a restful state. We should consider replacing our mattress every five to eight years, and even during its life cycle, we should rotate it regularly. When replacing our mattress, we should consider how soft or hard we prefer it to be? Whether you decide to go soft or firm, a memory foam mattress will adapt to your body shape, your mattress in a box will come ready to go. In addition to the mattress, we should not skimp on the duvet and sheets. It is always a good idea to have a summer and winter duvet, as there is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold.

Tire Yourself Out

Often not being able to sleep can be attributed to a lack of tiredness. Many of our jobs are sedentary in our modern lifestyles, sitting in front of a screen for seven or eight hours per day, and we already know how much extended screen time contributes to insomnia. But the other aspect of this lifestyle means we are not becoming physically tired throughout the day, even if we feel mentally exhausted. Try taking up a sport or active hobby; even going for a long evening stroll can be beneficial.

Don’t go to Bed Hungry, Thirsty, or Wired.

If we are going to bed when we still have a need, it will undoubtedly play on our minds and keep us awake. Hunger is a classic distraction; this can be difficult if we are trying to diet, for example. What we should do in this case is structure our day so that we might leave enough calorie allowance for a small snack briefly before bedtime. Thirst is another problem, but we don’t want to go too far down this road and end up needing to visit the bathroom an hour or two after falling asleep. We should make sure we stay hydrated throughout the day but take our last drink roughly two hours before going to sleep. We should also limit caffeinated drinks throughout the afternoon and evening, such as tea, coffee, and cola drinks. Although it’s not just coffee or cola drinks high in caffeine, some other items are surprisingly high in caffeine, such as ice cream, chocolate, or even decaf coffee.

Wear the Correct Bedwear

You should wear bedclothes that are comfortable and warm enough. But what is comfortable and warm to one person is cold and restrictive to others. We have various options to choose from; classic pajamas or nightdress. Others choose to wear underwear or even sleep in the nude! Whatever we decide to wear in bed, we should ensure it is a change from our day clothes; not only does this mean we are clean and comfortable, it is also part of the bedtime ritual.


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