Planning to create a landing page or a website? We suggest that you study the TOP mistakes that 73% of beginners make. Weblium platform, based on an analysis of 11 million sites, has identified several vulnerabilities that interfere with the promotion of landing pages and scare off target audiences. This gained knowledge will help you to attract more leads, and the functionality of the constructor will allow you to create a free website of any focus in just 30 minutes. If you manage lawn business you must-have lawn care website features to show off your service. Which offers hundreds of finely-tuned website and landing page templates that you can customize according to your needs and preferences.

1. Slow page loading speed

A visitor can wait for 1.5-3 seconds before he leaves a website. Slow landing page loading speed is one of the most common problems encountered by both new and old sites. You can check the speed of a resource using special services, like Google PageSpeed Insights. The perfect loading time is 0.5 seconds, but the speed varies depending on the type of app. This is influenced by the website’s hosting system and other characteristics. 

To increase performance, you may optimize Javascript, CSS, compress images using online services, change the hosting provider, or expand the functionality of your account, remove suspicious links. The engine that uses the resource is also important. If the original engine is outdated and does not meet modern requirements, the website will have to be recreated again, since it will no longer be possible to fix this error.

Weblium offers a fast and secure admin area that is constantly updated and tested daily by a team of webmasters. 

2. Lack of responsiveness

80% of traffic to the website comes through smartphones. The lack of responsive design for phones leads to a direct loss of traffic and conversions. When creating a website, you need to conduct cross-browser testing or take care of creating a mobile version of the site. A resource that does not open on a smartphone is automatically added to the users’ blacklist.

Therefore, all websites created with Weblium site builder automatically become mobile-friendly!

3. Lack of screenshots, images, and reviews 

These are all elements of social proof. They help to influence customers and generate the loyalty of your target audience. Do not use stock images, the resource should contain original pictures and customer reviews!

Moreover, do not forget about posting photos of your product and team. In this case, you need to take care of the quality of the images and the color scheme of the entire web resource. Competent design is the face of the website.

4. Outdated design

Visitors are scared off by the websites with outdated designs. They are not credible and look like a “white crow” among great and optimized modern resources.

    Before creating a website, Weblium proposes to take a look at the templates that were developed by professional designers, here they are. Also, do not forget that you need to study trends, techniques, and check the work of each block to prevent possible issues and losing relevance for the target audience.

5. Garbage content 

There are some phrases that are found on every site: “The best combination of price and quality”, “We are the leaders”, “We are the best”, “Fast and cheap.” Despite the knowledge of the problem, such phrases are used by 90% of all resources on the Internet.

Special services will help to get rid of such garbage. Study competitors’ texts and try to personalize the “About us” block, and the text on your Home page. Create content in the environment of the target audience, and do not write general phrases that do not carry a semantic load.

6. Lack of call to action

If you are eager to get action from the client, correctly formulate the offer: “Send a request”, “Fill in the form”. Stick to the “3U” rule – urgency, uniqueness, usefulness. Reinforce your call to action with bold buttons and any attention-grabbing tools.

Complete the page with a chatbot and a “Leave your number, and we will call you back” button. The presence of a feedback form allows customers to contact conveniently, and not call several times on their own, hoping to get an answer.

 Weblium makes it easy to create such forms, as there is a special block for those, which can be edited with one click.

7. Not knowing the AIDA model

AIDA is a well-known marketing model that has been used in sales for over 100 years. By adhering to the formula, you lead the client to make a decision. You need to attract attention, arouse interest, desire, and action: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.

By creating a free website via Weblium, you get a ready-made project, high page loading speed, and a responsive design!

Try it just right now – it will take no more than 30 minutes!

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