You’re a hunter. You hunt for your own meat and provide for your family using your rifle or bow. Each year, you get yourself ready to hunt some of the best game available, but before you can begin to hunt, something hunts you down first. Visit TX Fowlers for duck hunting tips and tricks.

It lurks around every corner, waiting for the perfect moment. It’s deer season, and it’s coming for you! Are you prepared? 

What deer hunting essentials do you pack in your hunting pack when going deer hunting? Do you know if you have all the right tools to have the best deer hunting experience possible? Your deer hunting day pack list should include your gun or bow used to hunt with, plus a few more items.

Continue reading below for our hunting pack list you need to see in order to bring all the essential hunting gear with you on your next hunting trip. Here’s everything you need to know!

1. Spray Scent Remover

You can do your best to keep quiet and move slowly while on the hunt, but deer are professionals at sensing human scents. If a deer does pick up on your scent, he’ll quickly leave the area, alerting other deer to leave the area as well. This could make it very difficult for you to hunt them.

When you’re able to hide your scent, deer won’t be able to sense you, and you’ll have a better shot at getting the deer you want. You can use a combination of different shampoos, body wash, and other products to conceal your scent. 

You can also use a spray-on scent remover made specifically for hunting. 

2. Accurate Range Detector

Whether you hunt with a gun or a bow, you need to have an accurate measurement of the range between you and your deer. Over time, years of experience will help you make better range estimates, but it’s always a good idea to have an accurate range detector in your day pack.

As the bullet or arrow travels, it’ll become closer to the ground, so it’s essential to know how far away the deer is to ensure the best shot possible for a humane death. 

A range detector will give you point-on measurements on how far away the deer is from you. In return, you’ll be able to make a more focused and accurate shot. 

3. Camouflage Material/Netting 

Another great sense that deer have is the ability to see small movements from far distances. This means the minute you move your hand to grab your bow or wipe the sweat from your forehead, a deer is spotting you and making their escape. 

Using a camouflage material or netting is a good way to keep these hand movements hidden from the deer. Use the material to wrap around your hunting stand or setup. If you find yourself rubbing your hands together frequently due to cold weather, you can carry along a few hand warmers as well.  

4. Bright Flagging Tape

When you hunt in the same woods for years, you might not need something to help you get back to your vehicle or starting point. Do consider the times when you feel adventurous and want to explore further into the woods than you have before. Consider if you decide to hunt in an area you’ve never hunted in before.

You’ll want to have bright flagging tape in your day pack at all times to help lead you back to safety. Even if you believe you don’t need it, it’s nice to have it just in case. Plus, if you do feel like exploring new areas, there won’t be anything to hold you back from doing so. 

5. Insect Repellent 

Remember, you might be the hunter, but you’re also the prey when in the woods. Insects will attract to you and cling to your clothing. You’ll want to protect yourself from mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. 

If you’re distracted, trying to shoo off pesky insects, then your focus won’t be on hunting. Instead, be sure to bring insect repellent with you in your day pack.

Cover yourself in the repellent and be sure to wear long sleeves and pants. Tuck your pants into your socks and tuck your shirt into your pants. Knowing the best hunting and camping tips for preventing insects from making you their prey is the best way to keep them away from you.

6. Gun/Bow Holder

A gun/bow holder is your best bet at keeping your hunting gear and yourself safe during your hunting trip. When you don’t have a safe place to hang your gun or bow, you could easily create unnecessary noises or switch the safety feature off when fidgeting with it in your lap.

A gun/bow holder screws into the tree and will safely hold them until you’re ready to use it. When you’re ready to pick them up, you’ll know exactly where they are and can easily grab it and take your shot. 

7. The Right Optics for Hunting 

Having excellent sight is everything when hunting. For those using a rifle, enhance your sight and shooting skill by using a compatible rifle scope for your gun. There are different types of scopes with different magnifications. However, it’s not enough to choose the one that offers the highest magnification. You also need to consider the type of activities you’re doing and the rifle you’re using.

8. Game Bags

You don’t head out into the woods on a hunting trip with the expectation to come home empty-handed. You have plans of bringing home a deer or two, so you’ll need to have game bags in your day pack as well. 

Trash bags work well also, but can easily rip depending on how heavy or large the contents are. To prevent having to worry about the bags tearing, bring a few game bags with you. These bags are made strong and specifically for carrying game in them. 

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Don’t Forget These Deer Hunting Essentials for Your Next Trip

Have you begun planning your next hunting trip? With deer hunting season creeping up on you, it’s time to start creating a list with all the deer hunting essentials. Use this guide above, and don’t forget to bring these items along with you! For more posts on sports and recreation and other topics, continue to visit our page on a regular basis.

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