In today’s technology-driven society, almost everyone gets their information online. Therefore it is imperative that companies use that technology to find and retain customers. In the saturated transportation business, it can be difficult to connect with potential clients. Therefore, use these tips to help you build a strong online presence to separate your company from your competitors.

1. Know what you are selling and to whom

When building and maintaining a customer base it is imperative that advertising is specialized per the intended audience. What role are you trying to fill? If you own a hauling business, explain why your company is the best option to move their inventory. However, be honest. Do not make false promises, be realistic in what they can expect from you. This way when you meet or beat those expectations they will have a positive experience and are more likely to be a returning customer.

2. Tell your story in a different way

There are lots of transportation companies out there, so in order to shine in both your website and ad campaign figure out what makes your company different. Research how your competitors market themselves and try to avoid using those stereotypes. One of the best ways to market your company is to allow the customers to get to know you. People are much more willing to work with another person. Talk to your employees, ask them why they enjoy working at your company, use that information to build your ad campaign.

3. Use Quality Keywords

Keywords are the words or combination of words put into the search bar that search engines use to know what ads and websites should be on the results page. When constructing your ads research keywords most likely to be used when searching for your type of company. In this case quality over quantity, only include 5-10 keywords in your advertisements. Ask yourself if the words you are choosing are clear, descriptive, relevant, and persuasive. Just remember, it may take a few tries to find the right combination of keywords to increase visibility.

4. Use Social Media PPC

Social media can be a valuable asset for any business. Facebook and LinkedIn have advertising features that focus on demographic and business information. If you are a new company this is a great way to gauge potential client interest. If you choose to use social media PPC, you will also need a complete business page for the platforms you choose. LinkedIn should be a top priority because it caters to B2B connections, but if your transportation company caters to consumers then Facebook is a must. Make sure that your business information is up to date, easily accessible and the same across all social platforms. Besides PPC, you can use these accounts to send out business updates, information about sales you may be having, and any relevant articles about your business. A strong PPC management can drive a lot of business to you and set up the basis for a strong referral network.

5. Ad Extensions

On Google, ad extensions are a great way to provide lots of information in a limited space. If you have this option include a map of your business location, any positive ratings and reviews, pricing, and links to important pages on your website. All of this ensures the customer knows what service you provide and why they should choose your company. Google is adding more extensions all the time, so browse the list and see which would be best for your situation.

6. Optimize Your Landing Page

In order for an ad campaign to work your website needs to be clean, precise, and visually appealing. The customer should be able to tell what service you provide and a little about your mission within the first sentence. Avoid large blocks of text, use bulleted lists instead to highlight important information with keywords. These bullets should be no longer than a sentence each. Use pictures to emphasize all aspects of what makes your company different. On your website be sure to include a blog about your business and relevant news in your field. This will help people learn more about you and your business.

7. Use PPC to Help People Find Your Business

The way people find information is changing. Make sure your ads are compatible with smartphone or tablet use. Test the responsiveness of your ad and the load time. People have increasingly shorter attention spans so the longer the page takes to load, the more likely they will click away. Include a click to call option, where people can click on the ad and be able to call your company. Also be aware of the increased use of voice searches through virtual assistants. Tailor your ads to match the answers to questions people would ask when searching for your company.

Following these tips will help build a strong online presence so that customers know who you are and why they should choose you.

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