Are you thinking about getting a new pet but not sure where to start? One of the most overlooked pets is chickens, as many people think of them purely as farm animals.

However, these delightful birds are great companions, easy-to-raise, intelligent, and provide a wide range of benefits to you that no other pet can.

Want to know more? Here are seven reasons why you should consider a chicken as your new pet.

1. Low Maintenance

In many ways, chickens are easier to look after than dogs, cats, and other common household pets. Once you’ve got their area set up in your yard, they’ll enjoy independence.

Unlike other pets, they don’t need to be groomed, walked, or fed to a schedule. You can use auto feeders and waterers which only need cleaning and filling once a week.

Also, just about anybody with a backyard can own a flock of chickens. They are no more work than having a cat or a dog, but it’s so much easier to be away from home if you’re raising chickens.

2. Raise them From Hatching

Hatching eggs at home is a fun and exciting project for adults and children alike. What better way to introduce your child to a new pet than through hatching it?

Make sure you get professional equipment if you’re intending to brood chicks at home. You’ll need a safe incubator, heating, and bedding. Companies like Dalton Engineering  provide you with all of the key equipment to brood chicks at home.

3. Great for Children

As we’ve already mentioned, children are often interested and excited by hatching chicks, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Kids can help look after the birds as they grow and learn important values about life and hard work. They might like to take part in training them too.

4. You Can Train Them!

Many people think that chickens are less interesting and intelligent when compared to cats and dogs, but that’s completely untrue. Chickens are actually relatively easy to train and can be taught to do certain things on command.

Chickens are friendly and will recognize you, and that’s because they have the ability to recall over 100 different faces. To train your chickens, you don’t need any equipment – just a little patience and a lot of treats!

5. Fresh Eggs

If you’ve got chickens, you’ve also got the benefit of fresh eggs every day. Once you get accustomed to eating them, all shop-bought eggs will seem incredibly unappealing in both appearance and taste.

6. Free Pest Control

Chickens will happily eat up all the bugs and pests in your garden, as well as around the rest of your property. As obligate omnivores, chickens will eat pretty much anything they can fit inside their beaks, and that includes crickets, ants, spiders, and mice.

The best bit? You don’t need to teach them to do this, as it’s purely instinctive behavior. Plus, unlike other popular pets, they won’t drop their feast off at your door to show it to you!

7. Friendly and Funny

Above all, chickens are friendly, funny, and intelligent pets that you’ll love having in your life. Just like humans, they each have unique personalities, so when you have a flock of chickens you’ll enjoy watching how they behave and interact.

Bottom Line

So, if you’re thinking about getting a new pet but are looking for something a little different from a cat or dog, why not consider chickens? They’re fun, easy to care for and provide you with lots of benefits. Enjoy fresh eggs and less pests on your property when you raise these unique pets!