Planning on taking the adventure of a lifetime? As you pack for your trip, remember that the water in even highly developed countries can be somewhat questionable. No matter where you’re going, it’s smart to bring along a quality water bottle with a filter so you can have safe, clean drinking water wherever you go. Moreover, if you are into personalised bottles then you need to check these custom labeled water bottles.

Whether you plan on taking hiking or biking excursions on your trip, or you’re simply concerned about the water quality at your destination, here are seven quality water bottles that give you easy access to clean drinking water while you’re on the go.

1. Survivor™ Travel Water Bottle

When it comes to travel water bottles, it doesn’t get much better than the Survivor™. This innovative model features two filters to provide you with safe, clean drinking water from natural sources. The filters work together to eliminate the main forms of water contaminants—inorganics and organics.

The Survivor™ removes 99.99% of bacteria, parasites and harmful chemicals like lead, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and VOCs. This is especially useful if you’re hiking, camping, biking or just spending time outdoors in an area with natural water sources like lakes or rivers. Even if you don’t know what kind of pesticides or fertilizer contaminants are in that water, the Survivor™ gets rid of them.

2. AquaBuddy

When you’re traveling and you need great-tasting water on-the-go, the AquaBuddy™ will become your best friend. The bottle’s patented technology has de-clustering and lowered ORP properties to provide you with consistently clean, fresh drinking water. The filter is incredibly long-lasting—you can fill the bottle 288 times before needing to replace it.

One of the best things about this model is its thoughtful design. It’s slim and easy to grip, and it can easily fit into bicycle holders. On biking trips where you don’t want a water bottle weighing you down, this is your best option.

3. Aquatomic Water Bottle

If you plan on taking day excursions like hiking or biking trips as you travel, consider the Aquatomic® Water Bottle. This durable stainless-steel bottle holds a whopping 50 ounces of water, and the innovative insulated bag keeps water at an ideal cool temperature all day long. Fill it with clean water in the morning, and it stays fresh and cool when you need it.

4. Sawyer Products SP140 Personal Water Bottle

When you’re visiting a country with generally unsafe tap water, the Sawyer Products SP140 Personal Water Bottle is a great option for water filtration. It’s also handy to have if you’ll be hiking, camping, biking or otherwise touring an area with abundant natural water sources. It filters all bacteria, protozoa and particulates. One of the best parts about this particular bottle is its filter, which can easily be cleaned with an included syringe filter cleaner. It’s possible to reuse the filter indefinitely, which saves you money and hassle.

The main drawback to this model is that it doesn’t filter out heavy metals or chemicals. Compared to other bottles, its filter is much less effective. Another con is the drinking straw. You’ll always have to drink through the straw, which is impossible to clean. While you won’t have to replace the filter often—or, in some cases, at all—you’ll have to replace the straw regularly.

5. Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle

If you plan on traveling to an area with plenty of natural water sources, the Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle may be the right option for you. It removes particulates and all bacteria and protozoa from water, and it works quickly. The fast press filter only takes 15 seconds to filter a full bottle of water. It filters the water before you drink it, allowing you to drink as fast as you want.

There are a few drawbacks to this bottle, including its small volume. It only carries 16 ounces—you’ll have to refill much faster with this model than others on this list. In addition, there’s no way to clean the filter and you’ll need to replace it after 2-3 months of use, the equivalent to roughly 40 gallons. At $25 a piece, these filters aren’t cheap. It’s a great option for cleaning the water, but it’s also an expensive one.

6. OKO H20 Level 2 Advanced Filtration Water Bottle

While the OKO H20 Level 2 Advanced Filtration Water Bottle is a great option for filtering bacteria, particulates and chemicals, its major drawback is that there’s no way to clean the filter. You need to swap out the filter after it reaches about 100 gallons of filtration. It’s a great model if you’re doing a lot of hiking around natural water sources, or if you’re staying in a location that has unsafe tap water, but you’ll need to have extra filters on hand to ensure safe drinking water.

7. Epic Nalgene OG Ultimate Travel Bottle

Rounding out the list is the Nalgene OG Ultimate Travel Bottle. It’s able to filter up to 99.99% of bacteria and other contaminants and pollutants. The 32-ounce size reduces the number of times you’ll have to fill up, and it has a high flow rate that makes it easy to drink from.

Similar to the OKO H2O Level 2, you need to change the filter after 100 gallons of use. In addition, the filter only fits Nalgene bottles, which have a design that’s somewhat awkward. The 32-ounce size is convenient in some cases, but in others—such as hiking or biking—it’s somewhat inconvenient. You can’t place it in a cup holder in a car or a bottle holder on a bike. In other words, you’ll either have to carry the bottle by hand or put it in your backpack.

Remember that as you travel, your body has plenty of new germs and bacteria to deal with. You also have to adjust to different foods and, in some cases, completely different climates than you’re used to. One thing you can control is the quality of your drinking water. By investing in the top water bottles with filters, you’ll have access to safe water wherever your travels take you.

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