A huge explosion rocks Milan, Italy. A video documents the outbreak of fire in several cars in the city center

A huge explosion occurred in the center of the Italian city of Milan, Thursday, May 11, 2023, according to the local “SkyTG24” channel, noting that several cars caught fire in the center of Milan, in northern Italy, after an explosion that may have originated from a truck.

And local media published video clips showing smoke rising to high levels from the “Porta Romana” area in central Milan, Italy’s second-largest city in terms of population after the capital, Rome.

The local “Ultimora” website reported that several cars were burned, which were in the vicinity of the explosion site, without revealing any details about the circumstances of the incident. 

The Italian authorities did not announce the incident until (10:25 GMT), nor did they indicate any security measures in the “Porta Romana” area.


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