If you were not previously shopping online, the chances are that now, after the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lock downs around the world, you have recently made some form of purchase online.

Online shopping is nothing new – it is something that has been around for many years now, but there are still a large number of people who have never used the internet to make a purchase. Some people prefer to go into a store to look around for what they want, whereas others may simply be fearful of making any form of online transaction.

There are many reasons why some people are more likely to prefer going to the shops for shopping. This is especially true for things such as clothes or footwear. It is much easier and safer to try on a top or piece of clothing in the shops to make sure you get the right size – something you are not able to do when shopping online.

There is nothing worse than ordering a piece of clothing online only to discover that it is either too small or large when you try it on. You will then have to go through the process of sending it back and asking for a replacement in the correct size, or in some cases a refund.

Shopping in the Post Covid-19 Era

However, in the post Covid-19 world, this type of shopping might soon become a thing of the past, and you might have to purchase a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans without being able to try them on first.

Over the coming months we will entering a new age related to health, wellbeing and life in general, and the way we’ve previously been shopping may soon become a thing of the past.

How we shop could change dramatically which is why it’s so important to get used to shopping online. Amazon is obviously the website that everyone thinks of when it comes to buying online, but there are so many other platforms out there. Most large stores and supermarkets, and well as small boutique stores, all have their own online stores where you can purchase anything online with just a few clicks.

During the past few months, supermarkets have seen a huge surge in the number of people placing orders for their groceries online, and in some cases, the supermarkets have been overwhelmed with the demand. However, this was obviously due to the huge spike in orders because of the quarantines and lockdowns put in place around the world.

Over the past few years, the delivery period for online orders has dramatically improved, and where it may have taken a week or so for delivery, in many cases, you can now receive your order the same day as placing it. One example of this is ordering flowers online.

You will find that there are many online florists offering same day delivery for all orders, as long as they are placed before a certain time. This is a great service for people to order a last minute gift of some flowers for a friend or loved one.

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Making Savings and Finding Discounts

One major benefit of shopping online is the deals and special offers you can find. Most e-shops will run their own special promotions and offer discounts and deals throughout the year. “Black Friday” for example is a very popular shopping day, and each year you can find a great selection of offers online, most of which are usually available for just 24 hours.

Other online retailers offer coupons to their customers, which they can use for future purchases. There are also coupon websites, where you can find a variety of coupons and discount codes for many popular online retailers. One thing you should always try to remember when making a purchase is to check if there is a coupon field during the checkout process. In case math isn’t your strong suit you can always use a tool to calculate your discount.

If you do see the option to enter a coupon code, it is worth spending a few minutes doing a quick search on Google to see if you can find any coupons to use. Most online coupon codes have expiry dates, so if you are doing a search for some, add the current month and year so you can filter out any expired or out of date coupons from appearing in your search results.

You will not always find working coupons for your purchase, but it is usually worth spending a few minutes doing a quick search just in case. Even though a 10% discount might not sound much, it is still worth applying to your order if you have the chance. 

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