Actor Jonathan Majors arrested for assaulting a woman

Actor Jonathan Majors arrested for assaulting a woman

Actor Jonathan Majors was arrested Saturday in New York City on charges of assaulting a woman. A spokesperson for the actor denied any wrongdoing, saying in an email to the Associated Press on Saturday: “He did nothing wrong. We look forward to it.” To clear his name and make it clear.”

Details of the attack

TMZ reports that the police were informed of an incident involving Majors and his girlfriend. The altercation began when they were travelling home, after she noticed another woman was exchanging texts with him and attempted to peek into his phone. This made her boyfriend become enraged, causing him to grab her hand before slapping her in the face. Furthermore, according to witnesses, he also put both hands around her neck during this assault.

On Saturday morning, according to reports, the woman was left in an unknown location while Majors went somewhere else. Shortly after that, a crime report was lodged and soon followed by an arrest warrant which accused him of strangulation and assault.

The source added that the alleged victim was suffering from visible injuries, including a laceration behind her ear and redness and marks on her face. She was taken to a hospital in the area and is in stable condition. As for Majors, he was arrested and immediately taken to prison.

Police statement about the assault

In Chelsea, New York City this morning, a 911 call was made regarding an incident involving 30-year old woman. As the NYPD responded to the call, they have now announced that actor Majors of Creed III and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania fame has been arrested in connection with this domestic dispute.

On Saturday evening, an NYPD spokesperson communicated to the Associated Press that the actor had been released from custody after a woman reported being assaulted and taken into police custody without any resistance. The victim sustained minor injuries in her head and neck region but was fortunately sent to a local hospital in stable condition.

Jonathan Majors is a springboard to success

Majors has been skyrocketing to stardom, rapidly becoming one of the most renowned celebrities around. His exemplary performance has earned him exceptional reviews from critics and fans alike, elevating his status as a rising star even further. Recently he was honored with an invitation to present at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony – solidifying his success in the entertainment industry!

Last year, Majors achieved critical acclaim for his roles in Da 5 Bloods, The Harder They Fall, and Devotio; he also captivated audiences at the Sundance Film Festival with Magazine Dreams which will be released by Searchlight Pictures come December. This success has been built upon the triumph of 2019’s much-lauded The Last Black Man in San Francisco.

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