Also, commonly known as body shapers, shapewear have the magical ability to dramatically change your entire appearance as a lady. Contrary to popular belief, shapewear is not just targeted at making you look slim and curvy. These revolutionary pieces of garments also pack in the mystery of providing a quick fix to varied problem areas on your body. Their benefits extend all the way to your arms and legs.


Full body shapers have on many occasions been termed as Photoshop for the body, smoothing out perceived bumps in your shape and giving you that perfect three-dimensional body. Better still, body shapers come in wide variety of fabrics and styles, leaving you spoilt for choice.

Varieties of women body shapers

 Waist Cinchers

Waspies and waist cinchers, just as the name suggests, are meant to add glamour to your waistline. They are synonymous to wide belts worn across the wait by ladies, but these remain concealed underneath your garments. The cinchers come with added benefits of supporting your back and flattening out your tummy. Benefits of wearing ladies body shapers


Corselets are also known as body briefers and are meant to be worn under your dress or skirt. They mainly function as smoothers, giving you a smooth outline. Majority are designed with attached stocking clips to facilitate a snug fit and ensure that they remain in place throughout the day. They are also perfect bedroom wear.

Shaping Camisoles

If you are hoping to deck yourself out in an elegant dress that flares at the bottom and is fitted at the top, then consider wearing a camisole in order to flatten your tummy and smooth out your upper body. They can also be worn with a casual outfit composed of jeans and a nice top.

Bodyshapers/body suits

Body shapers are for a swim suit look-alike but they serve a different purpose. They are meant for ladies who want a quick lift across their breasts and torso. They serve many functions such as: bringing out an element of perkiness in your bum, streamlining your shape, flattening your stomach and providing a lift to yourbosom.


These are cleavage enhancers. With a singlet, you can be able to wear your own bra beneath it. This makes them ideal for ladies who cannot find a body shaper that comes in their bra size. Some varieties of singlets are designed in a short style. This is meant to offer you thigh control. Others come in form of briefs, for ladies who desire more freedom.

Control pants

These are arguably the most common body shapers around. They are a popular choice for ladies who would like to secure their tummies while at the same time streamlining their wait. They provide a simple way to enhance control in your underwear without introducing extra layers.

Arm shapers

These awesome inventions of shapewear help in propping up your shoulders into a natural position. They are a worthy aid to ladies who struggle with poor posture. Arm shapers assist in uncurling your body after a long work day. You can wear them on their own or under a long-sleeved top.

Control Tights

Control tights are among the few body shapers that are not worn underneath your clothes. They primarily serve to tuck in your thighs, tummy and burn. Control tights can be worn with both skirts and dresses.

Waistline compression

As a fashionable lady, it’s normal to seek the perfect waistline. A nice waist cinchercan help shed off a couple of inches from your waist, giving you a nice shapely figure.

Propping up your bust

The best body shapers for women are known to provide a push effect by supporting and lifting up your bust. This will leave you with a lean look.

Conceal visible cellulite

The overall effect of these garments is to eventually leave your skin as toned as possible. There are also anti-cellulite shapers infused with a micro-massage technology for better results.

Kick out stomach and back bulges

A good body shaper does not just lift up your bottom; it also cuts back on any visible bulges on your back or stomach area.

Your common Questions answered

Many queries have been raised about use of body shapers. You are perhaps wondering how long you should wear them before your body can finally achieve lasting fat distribution. The simple truth is that the duration doesn’t matter. Once you stop wearing them, your body will go back to its original form. In a nutshell, body shapers do not have a lasting effect.

Likewise, Contrary to common myths, body shapers are not just meant for big girls. Ladies with varied sizes can wear body contouring underwear. It is worth noting that these might not be ideal for obese or extremely overweight ladies.

Another common query from ladies is whether these garments can be worn when exercising. The truth is, they are designed to contour your body when you are done with exercising. They are not meant to offer support while you are exercising. You might want to go for specialist sporting strappings and tops for that purpose.

How does shapewear differ from normal underwear? Well, normal underwear is trendy and sexy but offer very minimal support. On the other hand, body shapers are designed to help you out with specific problematic areas like your posture, stomach, or waistline.

What factors should you consider before choosing any Body shapers?

You need to figure out what exactly will work with your preferred wardrobe. Here are a few tips to help youout.

Go for a body suit for an overall shaping effect

You can save yourself the trouble of looking for separate top and bottom pieces by simply buying a bodysuit. These are known to offer a full-body shape streamlining effect.

Stay within your size

You may not want to go a size down in order to achieve better firmness. Such a move leads to discomfort and unnecessary bulges. It is advisable to try out different pieces in the store and walk around to test your comfort.

The fabric matters

Fabrics with higher nylon content have a high capacity to alter your shape. Lightweight fabrics are meant to just smooth out certain areas on your body. It is the heavier fabrics that can nicely tuck your body into shape.

Go for a blend of cotton

Cotton blends offer maximum breathability, as opposed to synthetic fabrics such as spandex and nylon. However, majority of body shapers come in synthetic fabrics. The synthetics might be okay during cold weather but might not be so comfortable when it gets warmer. Luckily, there are wide selections of body shapers whose fabrics are blended with cotton for enhanced moisture and breathability. You might also want to check out fabrics with odor controlling micro-fibers.

Go for tights that come with in-built Body shaper

In order to achieve shapely legs, it is advisable not to wear body shapers over your tights. The tights are likely to move and create unnecessary layers. Choose tights that come fully fitted with shapewear. As you head out to shop for body shapers, remember to pick out pieces that will resonate with your wardrobe and style.