Advanced Web Ranking Desktop Review

Visually appealing and easy to understand, Unlimited manual updates, Dashboard is clean and easy to use, unlimited keywords, pricey


Doesn’t show page titles in reports, No live chat

Bottom Line

Advanced Web Ranking is an excellent application to get higher ranking and traffic with best SEO Tools and Reports you can get


Advanced Web Ranking Desktop 2018

advanced Web Ranking homepageAdvanced Web Ranking is an SEO software suite that focuses primarily on tracking, managing and reporting of sites on all major search engines. We are reviewing the desktop tool, rather than the cloud version. This is relatively unique since it means that your data is essentially confined to one machine. This can be a downside, but there are pluses as well. For one, a desktop application means that the program will be stable. This also means that uptime will be bar none and the program will be exceptionally fast. While other software may take days to return results, AWR will begin updating your report as soon as you set it up. AWR’s desktop software also offers the benefit of having no limit to the number of keyword or projects that you can setup; unlike other software that will charge you more the more you use them.

The software works on Mac and PC computer and prices can range from $199 to $3000 depending on which package you choose. On top of the unlimited keyword we mentioned, all these packages also include a lifetime license and a 12-month maintenance plan. The maintenance plan, which offers access to application updates, search engine updates and technical support can also be extended. This will cost you 30% of your full license price. AWR also offers an unlimited 30-day, money back guarantee.

advanced Web Ranking reportsRank checking is AWR’s bread and butter and is a heavyweight contender when it comes to the best option for a rank-checking tool. There is even good reason to use AWR as your rank checking solution even if you’re using another all-in-one-solution. Due to the fact that AWR runs locally, there are no keyword limits and you can check the rankings of thousands keywords on multiple search engines every day, if you so chose.

advanced Web Ranking linksAWR’s ‘links’ tab does contain some link analysis information; it does fall short of full on link management. You can’t add or delete links using it, and there are no CRM features. What AWR shows you instead is your backlinks and their related metrics. It’s a good bonus to the rank checking tool already available and if you’re not actively building links it will offer some insight.

The downsides of Advanced Web Ranking include its scalability. The volume of keywords that AWR can process can sometimes slow it down. Having to update the rankings for hundreds of keywords means that AWR can sometimes take much longer than is convenient to complete updates.

There were also minor issues with the live chat features for its support system. It was often found to be offline and generally unavailable to its users.


Advanced Web Ranking’s Desktop suite offer a visually appealing and in-depth set of reporting tools that allows users to track their efforts and campaigns and easily tweak campaigns. .

Features Checklist

  •  Site Audit
  • Unlimited Keyword suggestions
  • In-depth research for wise decisions
  • Optimized web pages
  • Automatic workflow
  • Content Submission Checklist
  • Content optimization
  • Social Networking Checklist
  • Link Analysis
  • Keyword priority
  • Keyword analysis
  • Linking Pages
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword Segmenting
  • Link Juice SEO
  • Internal Link Building
  • Find your competitors’ best keywords
  • Identify easy-to-get backlinks
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Traffic
  • Link profile analysis
  • PDF Reports

Product Details

  • Starting Price: $199.95
  • Money Back: Yes 30 Days
  • Setup: Free
  • Support: Phone, Live chat

Vendor Details

  • Caphyon
  • Founded 2003
  • Romania


Site Audit
Keyword suggestions
Backlink Analysis
Content Analysis
Help and Support
advanced-web-ranking-desktop-reviewAdvanced Web Ranking’s Desktop suite offer a visually appealing and in-depth set of reporting tools that allows users to track their efforts and campaigns and easily tweak campaigns. .
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