advancedwriters reviewWhether you’re in high school or working towards your PhD. there can be times when writing a clever, well-formatted and well-researched paper can seem overwhelming. Whether you’re stressed, overworked or simply not confident in your ability to write accurately about the topic at hand, it can be a real blessing to have the help of a professional.

This is where comes in. is an online company that offers writing services starting at $13 per page written by actual writers. This is an important distinction since there are many sites out there that offer what appear to be legitimate writing services but are actually just scams. offers a variety of paper options, such as term papers, book reports, speeches and more. They also provide free revisions (with some caveats) and extras such as references, bibliographies, and a money-back guarantee if the paper you received was not to the quality promised or not delivered in time.

  • Academic quality papers
  • Affordable
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Free revisions
  • User interface can be confusing
  • Customer service is a touch slow
  • Some papers may lack in-depth research
Bottom Line provides surprisingly good writing quality for an affordable price. The papers are well referenced and correctly formatted, but it’s important to check the research against your own to make sure everything lines up.

How It Works

advancedwriters how its worksWhen you decide that you need a paper or essay written by, you’ll start the process by completing their order form. This form allows you to choose the academic level, type of paper, discipline, topic and paper format.
From there, reviews the order and assigns a suitable writer. The writer can then email you with any clarifying questions or more information. The essay is then written and delivered to you and you review it to determine if it passes your standards and meets your need.

Services Offered has a pretty impressive array of writing services on offer. Everything from thesis writing to creative writing to movie reviews is available for a price. That being said, their essay, term and research papers are by far their most popular options and are always placed as the first available options.

While does provide a completed essay or paper, they advocate that those using the service use the paper to model their own work after, and not to submit the actual paper as their own work. This is done to avoid issues of plagiarism.

Pricing starts at a surprisingly low $13/per page and increases from there. Prices increase based on difficulty level of paper (high school to post-doctorate) and by how quickly you need the completed work delivered.
They offer a handy scale chart on their website and also a calculator that can help gauge how much your work will cost you. For example, if you needed a paper that was needed by 8 AM the next day and you needed it written to post-doctorate levels, it would cost you about $33 per page.

All their prices are listed in USD and you can choose your preferred currency at checkout.


The most important aspect of any paper is the quality. What’s the point of an affordable essay if what you get back is garbage? While there were not many samples available online, we were pleasantly surprised by what we did find. The samples were 100% original, nicely formatted, written with academic language and contained a bibliography section. That being said, customer reviews have stated that there have been issues with delivered work that had some grammatical issues, so a quick double-check may be in order.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee advertises that they offer a plagiarism-free guarantee. Their plagiarism-free guarantee promises that all written content is original and that they use their own plagiarism detection platform that does not report to public databases, which keeps the papers confidential and anonymous.

They do quantify this guarantee by adding that it’s only applicable to open Internet sources and certain databases. Because of this, the paper you get could have paraphrased content or content that would be flagged as plagiarized by something like (which is what most major universities use). This does not necessarily mean that your paper has plagiarized content, just that the sources used may need a once over.

Free Revisions

The company guarantees that a paper that doesn’t meet your standards is eligible for free revisions, so long as the request for a revision is submitted within 7 days after the order is approved.

They also request that the instructions for the required paper do not change and that any requested revisions don’t conflict with the original instructions.
You can request a different writer to work on your paper, but it will take longer since the company says they need to match you with a new writer.

That being said, free revisions are a rare thing to find on any essay writing service and we’re impressed to see it offered here. This is one of the benefits of the company using real writers.


Overall, offers legitimate writing service using real writers. The price is affordable and turnaround times offered are quite competitive. Though we do agree with their suggestion that the papers be used as guidelines, and not to be submitted as your own work.

Easy to use
Writers Quality
Delivered on time
Free revisions
Features set
Support offers legitimate writing service using real writers. The price is affordable and turnaround times offered are quite competitive.
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