Eliquid, considered as one of the most necessary parts of your electronic cigarettes, clearly holds such important role. While the device is as important as it gets, nothing makes or breaks your vaping experience quite like Eliquid. This is largely due to its role as flavoring to electronic cigarettes. Yes, unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes come in a variety of different flavors.

Not only flavors, this solution is what provides electronic cigarettes its nicotine kick. Heated by the device’s battery powered atomizer, this solution is then automatically vaporized and made into a smoke. Giving users the smoking experience similar to traditional cigarettes. Tasteful smoking without the dangerous health risks? What is not to love?

Understanding eliquid contents

One of the most common questions asked when it comes to Eliquid is undoubtedly what it contains. They may have heard misleading news regarding the danger of this particular solution. Many articles cited false sources about how e-liquid is typically made of a myriad of unknown chemical compounds which are unsafe to consume. That is definitely not the case.

While the contents of e-liquid may differ from one brand to another, a majority of e-liquid on the market is made of safe ingredients. After all, they have also been tested by the appropriate department and are deemed safe to consume. Not only safe, the quality of e-liquid on the market has also passed strict stresses. Below is a list of what e-liquid:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable crizerin
  • Food grade food colorings
  • Nicotine

Advantages of E-liquid compared to traditional smoking

Speaking of dangerous side effects that come with E-liquid that everyone seems to believe, you would be surprised to learn the otherwise. A quick comparison between E-liquid and a traditional cigarette will point out the discrepancies. E-liquid may also give you a dose of nicotine and similar smoking experience, however, it does not come with an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

E-liquid contains flavoring that makes smoking a great and unique experience. Whether you like the taste of tobacco or other taste, you can simply mix things up. There is a wide array of flavors to choose from, so you know you will not run out of things to try. In fact, Simply Eliquid comes with 10 different categories containing than hundreds of flavoring variety.

The breakfast E-liquid category features a lot of unique and delicious options such as the Tooty Frooty Pancake Man, Irish Latte, Cornflake tart, and Honey Toast, all of which sold in 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml. The cereal E-liquid category also features many interesting options such as Vanilla Granola and Honey, Crunchy Squares, and Klone Berries. All of which sold at an affordable price.

Another benefit offered by E-liquid is undoubtedly its pleasant odor. With traditional cigarette smoking, you are guaranteed to get looks of disapproval if you smoke outside. But with the fact that E-liquid produces pleasant odor, you can simply get away vaping from anywhere and you can also do it discreetly.

Best of all, E-liquid from Simply Eliquid comes with no dangerous toxins and also much more affordable than cigarettes.


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