Change is inevitable – and the advent of technology has made this transition easier and effortless for many. Today, you can talk with friends and family who are living in countries away from you through video chats. You can also do several tasks at the same time without compromising quality with the use of different online tools and software. And when it comes to making money, Amazon affiliate program can become an easy solution. With this program, you can make money even when you’re at the comforts of your own home. All you have to do is sign up to become Amazon’s “affiliate,” create your affiliate link, promote this link online, and watch as your affiliate income skyrockets once many customers use your link to buy from Amazon. Amazon affiliate marketing can be a convenient way to make money especially if you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate.

Many people are choosing to work in front of a computer because it has a lot of benefits such as having the privilege of working at your own time without having a boss who’s always breathing on your neck. And while a career online might seem easy to do, there are a few things you should consider in order to maximize its benefits. If you’re a beginner to Amazon’s affiliate program, let these tips help you:

1. Carefully pick a niche:

pick a nicheThe entire idea of Amazon affiliate program is promoting products from Amazon and have customers use your affiliate link so you can earn commission. The more customers, the more commissions. Before you start your career as an affiliate, you should know which niche of products you’re going to promote. This is important because the niche you’re going to pick can affect your success as an affiliate. If you pick a niche which isn’t up your alley or which is already too saturated in the market, you’ll have a hard time gaining customers over time.

  • It’s best if you choose a niche which is your actual interest. If you’re interested in technology, choose to promote handheld gadgets or home appliances. If you’re always updated with fashion trends, promoting apparels for men or women might work better for you.
  • When you pick a niche you’re actually interested in, you’ll be motivated to become an associate long-term. You’ll not be bored or uninterested after a few months because the niche you’ve picked consistently excites you.
  • Regardless of the niche you’ll pick, there’ll always be a handful of products from Amazon to promote. This online platform has the largest selection of products, so whatever your niche is, Amazon has it.

2. Rank faster in your chosen niche:

Your niche might be unique, but chances are, another business or affiliate is already selling the product for years. This status quo will make your journey as a new affiliate more challenging. Fortunately, SEO can become your best friend. When you pay attention to SEO and ensure that your efforts are guided towards SEO, your blog or website will be ranked higher, making it easier for customers to see you online. The tips below can help you achieve that goal:

Content is king:

When it comes to SEO, content is always king. The quality and quantity of the content you produce can become the reason why Google will rank you higher in the SEO results. When this happens, your brand’s reach will increase – and this can translate to more customers over time.

Don’t produce content from product descriptions:

Every product posted on Amazon already has a product description. Writing product descriptions as your own content might be tempting, but this won’t bring any good to your blog or website. If you want to rank higher in SEO results, produce content from customer reviews, not product descriptions. If possible, try the products yourself. Your goal should be earning customers’ trust, not solely telling them what the product is. Besides, the product description is already made for the latter.

Update regularly:

Posting content only during your convenient time will not help with your career as an affiliate. When you have stale or outdated content, your blog or website can easily be overtaken by others in the SEO game. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, update your content regularly. Create a schedule of when you’re going to post content and stick to it. If you’ll be going away for days, prepare more content to make up for the days that you’d be absent. Doing this can give your online readers (aka potential customers) reasons to pay attention to your online activities.

Use links with the keyword:

Aside from making sure that you’re producing high-quality content on a steady basis, you should also be keen on the links and keywords that you’re using. One strategy you can add is using the exact keywords in the URL in your texts. For example, if your affiliate link uses the words summer casual sleeveless maxi dresses with rounded hem, include these texts in your content as well. The key is making sure that the words in your URL and content match.

3. Increase the conversion rate:

conversion rateYou’re not the sole or first affiliate out there; there are already many affiliates who have been doing for years what you’re doing just now. To level out the playing field, you need to make sure that your blog or website has higher conversion rates. It’s not enough that you have a lot of online visitors; these visitors should actually buy from your affiliate link so you can earn. As a beginner, you can increase your conversion rates by:

Making your website simple and clean:

You don’t have to fill your website with fancy graphics and GIFs all over. These will only distract and even frustrate your online users. You can increase your conversion rates by keeping your blog or website simple and clean. Include subcategories, FAQs and highlight whatever information needs to be highlighted. Your online platforms should be easy to use especially for first-time online visitors.

Add high-quality photos:

Your blog or website should contain high-quality photos for a number of reasons. Photos can break the monotony of reading long texts, add humour to a page and explain complex information better (infographics, charts, etc.). Photos should also be included so online users can have an idea of how your product looks. Adding a photo of yourself online can also add to the credibility of your brand.

Use other resources to benchmark:

You can use other resources to determine how to have higher conversion rates. You can visit other websites or blogs to determine how other people do theirs or use Entrepreneur Journal Review as an outside source. Strategies from these resources can give you an idea which works and doesn’t in real life so you can work on improving your conversion rates.

4. Promotion is essential:

Your efforts to produce content and make your blog or website increase its conversion rates will be useless if no one knows that these exist. Promotion is important when you become an affiliate. How well you promote your online platforms and products can affect the amount of commission you’ll earn over time. Although promotion might seem like a complicated chore, it’s actually easy and fun.

  • Instead of posting and praying that these posts will be enough to earn you customers, spending quality time and knowing which audience you’re targeting are better strategies. Don’t promote for the sake of promoting, know where and how you’re going to promote, so your efforts have a direction.
  • If you’re planning to use social media for your promotions, create separate profiles solely dedicated for your products. Don’t promote using your personal accounts as this can confuse online users. Using separate profiles for your products will also make it easier for you to create a brand.

Your Work Will Pay Off

When you’re living in the 21st century, you don’t need to have a day job in an office in order to make money. Today, you can make the same amount of money (or even more) using the right tools and programs on the internet – and Amazon affiliate program is just one of this. You can still meet your responsibilities as a parent or a student while making money when you use Amazon affiliate program – you’ll be able to juggle your time and responsibilities with ease! But if you want Amazon affiliate program to help you in the best ways possible, you should also pour in time and effort to know the tips and tricks involved. Don’t depend everything on the program; as an affiliate, remember that the amount of work you put into can make or break your success.

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