Amber Heard pays a million dollars to Johnny Depp

A year after the defamation case between the duo Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the Hollywood star got $1 million from his ex-wife after losing the legal battle, closing this painful chapter in their lives.

The “Aquaman” star was able to reach an agreement between the two parties, and pay $1 million with the help of her insurance company, according to court documents provided by Heard’s lawyers, according to “The News” website, quoting “Radar Online.”

The “Rum Diary” star was asked to pay $15 million in damages ($10 million in damages to Depp and $5 million in punitive damages), until a settlement was made to pay $1 million, to be donated by Johnny Depp, the star of “The Pirates of the Caribbean.” for charities.

The legal battle between the former spouses emanated from an article published by the “Washington Post” in 2018, in which Amber Heard described herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence”, without naming her ex-husband.

Johnny Depp confirmed that this article destroyed his reputation and career, and sued his ex-wife for defamation to obtain damages of $ 50 million, and Amber Hurd responded with a counter-claim demanding double compensation.

After 6 weeks of trial, the jury concluded in Fairfax Court in the suburbs of Washington, that the former spouses had slandered each other’s reputation, but they estimated that the damage to Johnny Depp was greater.


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