The first image that conjures up in our minds whenever someone mentions drilling and excavation is a lot of debris! 

The image of huge excavators, dumper trucks, and workers in boots using shovels comes to mind. Thankfully, in recent years, several mechanized advancements have been revolutionizing the industry. 

In recent years, many companies have started opting for Hydrovac Services as a way to improve the efficiency of any process that requires the soil to be dug up. 

In parts of the United States and Canada, hydrovac services have become the go-to option for construction companies and power and utility operators. 

In this resource article, we are going to cover the following important points on Hydrovac Services- 

  • How do Hydrovac Services and Processes work?
  • What are some industries where Hydrovac Services find an application?
  • The major benefits of using Hydrovac Services in different fields

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How does Hydrovac Services work: A Brief Introduction

First things first. Hydrovac services are essentially a process where the soil is removed. Rather than use mechanized and traditional techniques, hydrovac uses a combination of pressurized water and vacuum suctions to remove the soil. 

By injecting the soil with water jets, the same becomes loose and slurry. The high-pressure suction vacuum then sucks out the slurry and stores it through pipes in the excavation truck. According to experts, this is a far more sustainable and environmentally- friendly approach to drilling and excavation work. 

Once the drilling is completed (pipe or gas pipelines are laid), the same slurry can be used to cover the same. Hydrovac operations can be used for two major types of work- 

  1. Complete Excavation Projects- 

In this case, a large portion of the soil needs to be removed to lay the foundation of a new house or a commercial complex. Real estate construction giants use this at the start of building. 

  1. Daylighting Projects- 

In daylighting, specific portions and sections of the soil need to be removed to lay pipelines, signposts, and other smaller utilities. The preciseness of hydrovac allows for this. 

Two main types of suction vacuums are often deployed on hydrovac trucks that can be used depending on the demands of the excavation work. 

  • Fan Systems- Fan systems are small, light, and can help with small excavation work. They work fast and efficiently. Fan systems are great for utilities, while blowers are for construction purposes. 
  • Blower systems- These are more suited to work on heavy projects that require a large section of the soil to be removed. They have more power and are useful on heavy-duty operations by real estate companies. 

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5 Major Industries where Hydrovac Services find Applications

In this section, we are going to list down that take help from hydrovac services and processes for their workings- 

  1. Real Estate and Construction- 

The private and commercial real estate and construction industry are the major users of Hydrovac services. They use them for the initial stages of debris removal. Any building structure needs to stand on foundations, that go several feet into the ground. Using hydrovac allows for easier and more efficient soil removal, saving costs and improving turnaround times. 

  1. Power and Energy- 

Most cities have power and energy pipelines that are located beneath the surface of the ground. Routine laying of electrical cables, gas pipelines, and other utilities rely on hydrovac services for removing the soil at locations where the installations need to be made. This is also done for routine repairs and maintenance work that needs to be carried out beneath the soil.

  1. Drainage and Sewerage- 

 Government and private players that are into laying, servicing, and maintaining drain pipes turn to hydrovac services for their work. Drains are located several feet beneath the surface. Easy removal of the soil allows them to carry out their designated work with minimum fuss. Once the drainage and sewerage issues are addressed, the site is once again filled with debris. 

  1. Road Safety Installations- 

Governmental bodies frequently need to install new light posts, traffic signs, and lights on new and old destinations on the road. These signposts need to be high and visible to motorists. This means you need to drill further to help get the heavy and high signpost will a strong foundation. Pole, line and signpost installation bodies employ the services of hydrovac specialists. 

  1. Marketing and Advertising- 

How do you think the huge hoardings and banners that you see on public highways are installed? They are done following the work done by hydrovac companies that remove the soil and create the foundations for the banners. This can be done both by public players as well as private players that run OTT marketing and advertising businesses.

Benefits of Using Hydrovac Services over Traditional Drilling and Excavation

There is a reason why almost all major players in the United States and Canada are turning to hydrovac services in recent years. Let us now look at some of the major benefits- 

  • Firstly, using hydrovac is far more cost-affordable and budget-friendly than using traditional techniques. You do not need to hire tons of different heavy vehicles to do different work. Here, one hydrovac truck is enough for both the drilling and the excavation work. This helps improve the cost for both public and private players. 
  • Secondly, saving time on the digging, drilling, and excavation work is a major reason and benefit of using hydrovac services. Given how turnaround times become better, opting for hydrovac becomes a no-brainer for industries and businesses in the domain. Ten days’ worth of drilling and excavation can be done within three days!
  • Thirdly, opting for hydrovac promotes safety and security in drilling and excavation sites. As human beings are not involved close to the site, it eliminates the possibility of workers getting injured. In the field of power and energy supplies, you need to be careful not to strike a pipeline or cable that can lead to catastrophic results. 
  • Fourthly, choosing hydrovac allows for enjoying control and precision. You dig, drill, and excavate from the exact site which you are targeting. This reduces redundancy in work operations, prevents duplication of work, cuts down on overhead costs, time and efficiency. If you know where you have to dig and excavate, problems are eliminated. 
  • Fifthly, it helps businesses run their operations throughout the year. The harsh winters lead to the soil becoming frozen and creating hurdles as far as excavation is concerned. The hydrovac uses high-pressurized boiling water jets to break the toughness and allows for easy excavations during harsh wintery conditions. 

The Final Word

By coming up with the solution of using boiling water for the jets, has helped so many companies that could not work in cold winters. In fact, it has allowed for so much critical repair work to be done in conditions that were not possible earlier. 

Using hydrovac services is cheap, efficient, and easy. Given how governments have often been criticized for slow working, using hydrovac services can go a long way in improving the credibility of public bodies and functionaries. 

If you have any other questions relating to hydrovac services, you can let us know in the comments below. We would be more than happy to address all your doubts on the topic.