An SEM Agency Raises Your Brand’s Online Profile 

SEM Agencies Raise Your Brand’s Online Profile

More companies are realising the benefits of devoting their marketing efforts to an all-online business model. They may have had great success during the pandemic in conducting business with an online ordering and delivery system. They may have also realised that their futures look rosier without the added expense of maintaining brick-and-mortar outlets. The only question they have now is: Who can help optimise their website for this new chapter in their marketing success? 

An SEM agency is what these brands are looking for. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a marketing strategy that uses paid tactics to gain visibility on the internet and raise their brand profile. They use both Google and Bing Ads, as well as social media paid ad platforms on Facebook, Instagram, LINE, YouTube, and other social media channels.  

An SEM agency specialises in optimising ads and managing their client’s accounts to maximise the benefits of increased engagement and audience conversations. The agency usually starts by conducting comprehensive research into the keywords most commonly associated with the client’s products and services. Once they have a targeted list of relevant keywords, they can start optimising the ads to more quickly and easily reach the client’s most valuable customers. 

Immediate Benefits

Many managers are initially hesitant to invest in an SEM marketing strategy. Their feeling is: Why should I pay for something I can get for free through SEO? The answer is that SEO offers cumulative results. It takes time to build a reputation through an SEO strategy. The results from an effective SEM strategy are often an immediate and dramatic upswing in the number of conversions a brand experiences. If your brand needs an immediate kickstart when you’re entering a new market and want to be seen as a primary competitor, your best bet may be to choose SEM. Likewise, you should select SEM when launching a new time-sensitive product or service. An SEM strategy can provide immediate results that leave SEO results far behind.  

With SEM, you also know exactly what ads are driving traffic to your website. The ads will be displayed in the search results, which enables your SEM agency to easily identify, adjust, and tweak them until they provide the best results. 

Consider Combining SEO and SEM

Partnering with an agency that specialises in both SEM and SEO can provide you with the best of both worlds. SEM provides valuable insight and data on conversion rates, keyword performance, and traffic opportunities. 

Primal is an SEM and SEO agency that can use the insights provided by an effective SEM marketing strategy to provide direction for their client’s SEO efforts. We can combine the immediate success of SEM with the long-term rewards, stability, and enhanced visibility of SEO. 

SEM can help ensure that you reach all the customers your products and services would appeal to. Contact Primal for more information about incorporating SEM into your online marketing approach. 


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