Everyone has someone in their lives who is difficult to buy for. No matter what occasion it’s for, you just can’t seem to find the right thing to give them. And if that person happens to be your significant other, then anniversary gifts might be an added challenge for you every year. Luckily, there are plenty of unique and truly exceptional anniversary gifts right under your nose. So sit back and let the ideas flow — you might just find something you want to get for him and for yourself!


Like it or not, our lives revolve around time. We’re always thinking along the lines of “time for work”, “time to exercise”, “time to eat”, etc. So why not get your man a stylish way of keeping track of all the precious minutes we have to spend? A watch is not only an incredibly useful and functional gift, it’s also a great way to really customize the gift specifically for the recipient. Watches today come in a vast array of styles at just about every possible price point, and the option to inscribe a message allows you to send a personal message as well. Accessories really make for great gifts all around.  

Grooming Kit

Beauty standards for men are changing every day, and no one is just rolling out of bed and straight into the office anymore. Therefore, another great gift idea for him would be a personalized grooming kit. Whether he has facial hair to upkeep with essential products like beard oil, face moisturizer, and specialized combs or else needs something a little more traditional like high-quality skin care products and shower gels, treating someone you love to items that will pamper them and take some of their daily routines up a notch is a nice way to show you care.

Sound Machine

Many people struggle with falling and staying asleep these days due to the various stressors of the day continually plaguing their thoughts as they lie awake in bed. If the man in your life has this all-too-common problem, a sound machine might be a great way to go. These easy-to-use devices can be used before and during sleep to mimic sounds that are often found to be relaxing. Listening to the rain or to crickets rather than traffic sounds or his own thoughts floating around in his head, might be the perfect way for your man to get the much-needed, satisfying sleep he deserves.

Beer Subscription

Maybe your significant other is a bit of an adventurer and loves to try new things. For him, a beer subscription might be the perfect gift. You can find services that cater to travelers by sending an international brew right to your door every month, or if he’s a true connoisseur, there are subscriptions for craft beers or even rare beers. The great thing about this particular idea is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving, reminding him that you care about him throughout the year and not just on your anniversary. It’s also a fun thing that you can do together each month, a ready-made date night.

If you’d prefer a one-time gift, go for a beer gift basket instead. You can customize the basket to include some of his favorite brews and other ones he has yet to try. Complete the set by adding in some delicious treats and personalized beer-related gear.

Face Cupping Kit

Has your man always wanted to go to China? Or maybe he’s just really into unique treatments for all sorts of bodily ailments, such as sore muscles or skin toxins. If this piques your interest, you might consider getting him a face cupping kit. A traditional method of Chinese medicine, face cupping has been around for centuries. It is thought to have a plethora of benefits and is definitely another new experience the two of you can try together. Throw in some incense and massage oils, and you have the perfect recipe for an incredibly rejuvenating gift.

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Glasses Case

Some men prefer the most practical of gifts, and for them, you might consider a glasses case. It seems a tad simple, but it can be incredibly useful. There are options available now that are specifically made for the car or the desk, whatever his particular glasses needs are, you can find a case or even more than one case to help him stay organized and protect his all-important specs. There’s nothing worse than misplacing your glasses, regardless of their use. Sunglasses, reading glasses, even everyday use glasses need a place to call home. This might be the one gift that no one knows they need, but once they have it, they’ll never go back.


Perhaps your man is really just a big kid at heart. Aren’t most of us? If you want to appeal to this side of him, try getting him something he can really have fun with, something like a mini-drone. They are surprisingly affordable these days and can really be used in a variety of ways. He can relive his childhood or reimagine it, bond with other fellow “pilots”, discover a new hobby or passion, etc. Drones can also be used to develop other hobbies and interests, for example travel or photography. It’s ultimately a super fun and unique gift that anyone would enjoy. 

Charging Pad

These days there’s no end to the number of devices we have (and thus have to charge). Perhaps your significant other has a phone, a tablet, an e-reader, and who knows what else. All the various charging cables and outlet placements can get a little out of control, but thanks to modern technology, that can be a thing of the past. A charging pad allows for wireless charging of multiple devices, and whether it’s used at home or at work, it can really put your mind at ease since there’ll be no more worries about draining batteries.

Hot Sauce Sampler

Maybe you want to give your man something really hot and spicy for your anniversary…something like a hot sauce sampler, of course! What did you have in mind? Haha! Various sauce samplers have been having a moment recently and are a really fun way to try something new together or with a group of your family or friends. There are extreme hot sauce challenges if your guy likes high-adrenaline activities, but if he’s more the creative type, there are also make-your-own sauce kits available. This is a highly enjoyable gift and likely not something he’ll be expecting.


One last idea to round out this list is another very practical gift: a multi-tool. Swiss army knives have come and gone, but the need for various little tools on-the-go has not. There are lots of multi-tools out there to choose from including ones that fit in a wallet, on a key ring, or in a glove compartment. They also have a plethora of little tools to choose from. Things like a corkscrew or bottle opener, scissors, screwdrivers, nail clippers, all sorts of things that might be needed in a pinch. This gift can allow your man to be the unsuspecting hero some day in the not-too-distant future. Buying gifts for someone you care about is never easy, especially if that someone gives you absolutely no indication as to what they might want or need. But hopefully this list has given you a few ideas for unique and fun anniversary gifts you can get for him, and if not, hopefully you at least found something you can ask him to get you.


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