Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 Review

Photo Commander 16 review
Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 review


Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is a professional program, which is created and designed for gathering and organizing your content. With this application you can completely maintain your photos, videos and other content in particular folders and sorted by categories. Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 offers a wide range of tools and settings, which help users to edit as well as organize media content.


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  • Intuitive interface and Well-designed
  • Burn to CD, DVD
  • A new kind of order: geotagging
  • Edit images creatively with filters and effects
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Low collection of photo filters
Bottom Line

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is a profound solution to edit and view photo and video content in one application on the particular device. You can easily create multiple collections, burn the content onto CDs and DVDs and convert files to different formats.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 Review

Excellence2018Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is a universal solution for those looking for an application to edit and view photos in one place. Its interface provides a possibility to learn features and tools easily and use it for both professionals and new users.

ashampoo-photo-commander-screenhostAshampoo Photo Commander 16 is available for different operational systems, such as Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. You can easily download it from the official website as well as install it on your device. The company offers a free period of trying an application and testing it according to your requirements and needs. Whether you need to extend a trial period (usually it is up to 10 days) you can easily contact a support team of Ashampoo Photo Commander and try extend it to 30-days period. If you like an application and plan to use it further – you can buy a license.

Features Set

ashampoo photo commander skinsAshampoo Photo Commander 16 offers a particular package of features, which make an application attractive for both professionals and beginners. Basically, there are numerous smart wizards and features for automated work, which help the program to be easy-to-use for everyone

One of the essential features is an ability of Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 to keep track on the huge photo or video collections as well as perform different image optimizations. For instance, you do not need any external applications to use for making a collage or different greeting cards, posters, etc. Ashampoo Photo Commander offers a wide range of tools to maintain such creative products inside.

There is a RAW support – the second efficient feature for those planning to tag someone on photos and maintain an export and import of the content. You can transform photos to any format you need as well as extract the content to external hardware. There are different scanning capabilities in Photo Commander, which provide an opportunity to move in and out your photo collections. Team of technical managers constantly provides bug fixes and general support of the product, which makes it competitive and relevant for users.

NEW IN Photo Commander 16:

  • Over 50 new features and enhancements
  • Edit images creatively with filters and effects
  • Automatic and manual image optimization
  •  Produce slideshows with individual music and sounds
  •  Create cards, frames and vignettes

Ashampoo photo commander GeotaggingBesides different formats a feature of burning photos or videos directly to CD or DVD is also efficient for those looking for more competitive advantages. Quick work of Photo Commander makes it valuable among beginners and professionals. In Photo Commander you have an opportunity to get different editing tools with anti-aliasing for all images and photos with the highest quality. There are numerous tools and features for the editing process, which makes Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 reasonable to use.

Several batch-processing tools provide a possibility to maintain the converting as well as adding numerous filters to the particular selections in Ashampoo Photo Commander. And in the situation of using several different photo effects and filters you can easily see the photo “before” and “after” to compare and choose the most appropriate and relevant. As for the video files, there are several new features in Ashampoo Photo Commander. You can easily rotate videos forward and backward by using a particular button and scroll tool.

Different drawbacks help you to recognize easily buttons and text boxes with features and tools. Intuitive design of Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 offers a possibility to use an application quickly even for new users. Service has a fully customizable GUI as well as comprehensive file manager that make it useful for adding a particular personal touch to photo and video content.


If you are looking for the simple and easy-to-use application to manage and keep photo and video content collections, you should definitely try Ashampoo Photo Commander 16. With an intuitive interface the application is going to become a certain helper in gathering and sorting out your important content.

Save 70% Buy Now

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