MAGIX Photo Manager DELUXE Review

MAGIX Photo Manager review
MAGIX Photo Manager

MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 offers a complete range of editing tools for photography and other visual materials for those planning to begin getting knowledge in this sphere. Service provides a wide range of different features for sorting, editing as well as importing photos. Sharing option is also available, which makes an application being popular among young photographers.

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  • Numerous sharing options
  • Easy-to-use
  • Flat design and user-friendly interface
  • Low editing functions
Bottom Line

If you are planning to start working with the photography and its features, this application is for you. Simple interface and easy-to-use service is perfect enough for beginners, who need to boost their skill levels and capabilities.

MAGIX Photo Manager DELUXE Review

MAGIX Photo Manager dashboardPhotographers, which are starting to explore numerous services and application usually, try to use simple and intuitive programs as MAGIX Photo Manager 2018. The company constantly provides a particular support of the MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 and encourages every user to provide feedbacks and comments on the certain forum, created on the official website of the application to create competitive and attractive service. Technical support is also available for those looking for answers about the working specifications, technical issues and more interesting updates during the next period of MAGIX Photo Manager 2018.

Installation and Design

Simple installation makes MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 truly attractive for those looking for a simple service to use. When you download an archive of the program, you should open it and maintain a 30-sec installation. Short registration will help you recognize your profile and ensure sharing settings during the photo editing.

Feature Set

MAGIX Photo Manager importMAGIX Photo Manager 2018 is considered being reliable and simple software, which is available for those looking for an easy-to-use application to begin with. Its intuitive design and features allow everyone to use service without extra knowledge and instructions. Service offers an option to print photos as well as burn them on the CD or DVD.

When you get started with MAGIX Photo Manager 2018, it provides you a particular environment to save and edit your photos – “Folder” section. With the easy-to-use buttons you can download photos as well as photo albums and edit them wherever you need. MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 has a particular face recognition system, which helps you to tag someone on the photo and than share it. Any photo can be rated or sent to the particular album or list. Your tags can provide a certain list of categories, which makes an overall application’s usage simple and clear.

MAGIX Photo Manager themesAnother essential feature of MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 is its built-in player, which has several advantages for those editing photos in the application. First of all, small player is located on the left corner of the screen, which is comfortable to use from any device – mobile phone, tablet or even a laptop. A particular slideshow monitor makes MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 simple and intuitive to use.

When you move to the “Settings”, you will understand that there are numerous features that you will be able to use. For example, you can enable or disable ID3 tags, dialog animations and other tools. Besides it you can also manage your preferences in audio and video. For example, in this particular menu you can easily correct aspect ratio and other features of your content.

MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 has a perfect response time. Well, when you launch an application it may take a while. Nevertheless, during your photo content editing and sharing it is really fast and productive.

There is one large advantage of MAGIX Photo Manager 2018, which makes it more competitive among other services. It is about the constant improvements of features, tools and preferences, which make an application clear and reliable. Automatically provided back up makes your working process more confident even if your device will shut down or restart for different reasons. Password protection will help you to ensure privacy and security of your photo content in MAGIX Photo Manager 2018.


MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 is the simple and intuitive service, which is worth to use for those looking for a structured helper in editing photo content. MAGIX Photo Manager 2018 is recommended for beginners to drive their talents and skills.

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