“Treacherous Movement”… An athlete who put sportsmanship aside after defeat


A young athlete gave up sportsmanship after losing a fight, surprising his opponent, who won him with a move that seemed treacherous. He now faces a trial that could lead to imprisonment.

The incident occurred in the city of Oak Park, Illinois, USA , which witnessed a Roman wrestling competition that was intended for school students .

And the US police issued a summons against Hafeez Alicia (14 years), to appear in court on the grounds of beating his competitor, Cooper Corder.

This came after Corder’s parents decided to file a lawsuit against their son’s abuser.

 During the interrogation with Hafeez, he admitted that he had thrown a surprise punch at Corder because he was angry at losing the fight , according to what was reported by the British Daily Mail.

 The fight between the two was to determine the third place in the annual competition called “Beat the Street Developmental FS tournament”.

They both represented a school in Illinois and were both in the eighth grade of middle school.

The video documented the final moments of the match, in which Corder defeated Hafeez by 2-14 points.

The two walked to the point where they were supposed to greet each other, as is customary at the end of the games of this game.

Corder extended his hand to shake hands with his defeated opponent, but the latter surprised him with a strong punch that dropped him to the ground, which led to his nose injuries, which will force him to wear a mask in the next fight.

The video received more than 5.7 million views within a week of its publication.