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Audials One 2018

Audials One is the leading legal recorder for high-quality recordings of video streams and audio streams such as movies, video clips, series, music, audiobooks etc. The new generation 2018 of the world-renowned and highly-acclaimed portfolio of Windows software has been recently released. With the new features and improvements, it has never been easier and faster to record and collect music, movies and series.

Audials software has been optimized for Windows 10, 8, 7 and is available as an app for smartphones and tablets running Android, iOS and Windows.

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  • Recorder, converter and manager for music, videos, series, movies, podcasts.
  • Only software for automatically batch recording movies and series.
  • Music discovery in a universe of artists sorted according to genres with Music Zoom.
  • Enjoy all recorded media files on PC, smartphone or tablet anytime.
  • The software might seem overwhelming for beginners.
Bottom Line

Audials One offering complete streaming for audio and movie , listen and record videos, songs, podcast from top online services like YouTube, Spotify and more

Audials One 2018 Review 

Excellence 2018

Audials One is the complete package for music and film lovers. It enables you to establish your own music collections legally and free of charge. Music can be either recorded from the radio – Audials monitors 100,000 radio stations to provide precise recordings of the tracks you want to hear – and music portals such as YouTube, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Vimeo and others. On top, music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and so forth are preconfigured in order to ensure recordings in the best quality with automatic addition of ID3 tags, album cover and lyrics.


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The new generation also includes, Music Zoom, a unique way to find, listen to and record songs and entire discographies from all favorite artists or discover new music from you preferred genres. This innovative technology analyses 100 million radio signals to generate a network of artist and their music and creates a map of genres, supported by artificial intelligence.

As an additional service, the Audials team delivers every week the current music charts for pop, rock, dance, 80s, singles or music videos as well as movie soundtracks, independent hits, playlists according to the mood etc. to always supply you with the best music tracks.

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Audials One 2018 also helps you for creating your own video library. Select a list of movies by playing them shortly on streaming services and Audials picks up the links and records it for you automatically overnight. You can even create private copies of entire seasons of series automatically by letting Audials record episode by episode and saving them in separate files. By setting the format, in which Audials should record the video file, you can enjoy all media also on smartphones or tablets and without Internet connection.

What is better in Audials 2018?

Audials 2018 provides a dashboard with a search function to get an overview of the possibilities and artists, radios or podcasts last searched for. Moreover, the Windows 10 Fluent Design has also set the tone for the design of Audials 2018. With the new generation, Audials is faster, easier to use and more powerful than ever before.


Audials One 2018 brings new and improved features for recording music and saving movies, series, livestreams and other media. It is definitely worth checking out the features. A free demo version is offered by the company that can be downloaded on

Entry-level products exist as well: Audials Moviebox is the expert for video-streaming, Audials Music Rocket supplies you with all music you desire, Audials Tunebite Premium is the audio-streaming recorder and Audials Radiotracker includes more than 100,000 online radios to record music in MP3.

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  1. Does anyone know if this software is the finished article or do you have to pay for add-ons?
    I get the feeling that Audials One 2018 is a base product that needs you to purchase other software modules so as to operate successfully in any meaningful way..


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