AVG Internet Security 2017 Review

AVG internet security 2017 Reviews
avg internet security review 2017

The latest version of AVG 2017 brings a complete level of computer protection against the newest threats. It includes antivirus, firewall, with anti-spyware, and anti-spam. On top of that, the last major feature is a free support and, and good Real-Time Antivirus protection, these new features and more makes AVG Security one of the best antivirus software this year

Price: $54.95

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  • Powerful antivirus protection
  • Fast Scan and Detection Rate
  • Real-time Protection for e-mail, and LinkScanner Features
  • The software is a little heavy on the pc resources
  • Limited Parental controls features
Bottom Line

With AVG Internet Security 2017 innovative new features, powerful performance, and with the social networking protection, Link Scanner. This make one of our recommend it best internet Security for 2017

AVG Internet Security 2017 Review

AVG internet security 2017 screenshotWith AVG internet Security 2017 powerful features such as AVG Search-Shield places safety ratings next to each link in your search results, letting you know which sites can be trusted, while AVG Surf-Shield checks web pages in real time, identifying malicious websites before you visit them.

And with AVG Social Networking Protection new features which allow automatically checks links exchanged on Facebook and MySpace in real time so that you and your friends stay safe.

AVG’s spam filter analyzes the incoming POP3 e-mail stream and marks spam messages with [SPAM] in the subject. There’s no integration with e-mail clients, so you’ll have to define a rule to divert those messages into the spam folder. It’s that simple.

The firewall included with AVG Internet Security is good, but still needs some work. It doesn’t have much of a default configuration to speak of. It does have a couple settings for a standalone computer or a computer on a domain, but they mostly change what programs are blocked by default

New AVG internet Security 2017 doubling the amount of signature and antivirus definition updates so now AVG checked for automatically (every 4 hours) but you can change the time depends on your need.

During our Test AVG Real-time protection was average for the most part. Only 80% of the viruses we tested against AVG were successfully blocked. The 20% of malicious files that were missed were generally caught by more aggressive internet Security programs. And we noticed the CPU usage during a full-system scan was 40%-75%. Only when scanning compressed files the CPU peak at 100%. But most of the time, CPU usage was under 50% when scanning text files.


We recommend to use even it offers the major components of a security suite, but leaves out some extra futures that are included with the best internet security products. Tools like parental controls and computer settings protection are limited. But still AVG It’s a great option for protection and peace of mind price at price at $54.95

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