Cooking something by following a recipe book is almost same like giving a grammar test, in which you need to perfect in all the aspects. One of the most challenging parts of cooking undoubtedly baking. Maintaining the right temperature of microwave, beating the batter in a proper way or measuring the ingredients as mentioned in the instruction, there are so many complicated things that one need to handle while baking. During the process of baking, a small mistake can lead to an awful result at the end of the day and now this article tells you about the common baking mistake that you should really avoid-

1- Improper measurement of flour:

Measurement is one of the most important step that you need to follow. One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make is not measuring the flour properly. If the cook book say one and a half cup then you should definitely take the exact amount, not more or less.

2- Using baking powder which is already old:

If you think you can still use the same baking powder that you have used two months ago, you are absolutely wrong. Using the an old baking powder will spoil the taste of the cake.

3- Over mixing of batter:

When you are going to bake a fluffy cake, mixing the batter is really important but do not over mix the batter. Over mixing the air or putting extra air into it would definitely hamper the fluffiness of the cake.

4- Not maintaining the right room temperature for the ingredients:

Baking is always more challenging than cooking. A lot of bakers make a common mistake by not bringing the ingredients at a right temperature. The ingredients like milk, eggs, butter should be kept at room temperature before you start mixing them into a cooking bowl.

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5- Not following the mentioned instruction properly:

  1. Cracking eggs directly at the mixing pan:
    This is one of the most common mistakes that people make at the time of baking. Until and unless you are expert at it, do not commit this mistake.
  2. Tweaking the actual recipe:
    If you are a novice baker, don’t go for tweaking the baking recipe. By tweaking the recipe, you could end up at a complete awful result. A lot of bakers tweak the recipes but they have enough experience as they really know what would be the result of it.
  3. Dumping all the ingredients together:
    Baking is definitely an art and just like any other form of art, you need to bake the cake with all perfection. Do not dump all the ingredients together, instead mix ingredients one by one.

One thing you must remember that baking is not a very easy job but that doesn’t mean it is very challenging job. If you can avoid these common mistakes and bake with proper patience and dedication, you will be able to make a very delicious cake at the end of the process.

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