Beautiful Bathroom Vanities Give You an Upgraded Lifestyle

bathroom vanities

Bathroom plays an important role in our lives, as it is the room for our refreshments and sanity. Bathroom renovations and adding vanity to the same is clearly an addition on to the perfect looking space giving you an amazing impression about your lifestyle and sanity. It is an important addition in our homes to maintain a clean and hygienic lifestyle. Like we concentrate on making our rooms beautiful and clean the same should be followed in case of bathrooms.

Best bathroom renovations and vanities

  • Putting elegant features like enclosed decks with bright painted doors adds a lot of definition to your space.
  • Purchasing proper shape and comfortable bathtub is an important decision.
  • Selection of durable flooring helps to have a long-life for the floors of your bathroom.
  • Fixing of different shaped mirrors at the appropriate positions in the bathroom helps in enhancing your space to great extent.
  • Using small spaces in a smart way like putting space saving vanities etc. helps in enhancing your look for your bathrooms.
  • Planning a proper shower area adds a lot to the beauty of the room.
  • A proper light fitting at the space is a must if you want to add illuminated look to your bathroom.
  • Buying a good quality toilet tub adds elegance and quality for sure.
  • Putting some luxurious tints on the windows of the bathrooms gives royal touch of elegance.
  • The rain showerhead is trending at this time as it mounts on the ceiling making the water run down gently through tiny holes by gravity, like rain.
  • Recreating spas in homes is a great way to stay fit and updated in terms of advancements and upgrade.
  • For the big size bathrooms one can keep smart furniture and dressing rooms at the same time.
  • A music system with waterproof speakers can also add a musical feel to your freshening up zone.

bathroom vanities
The above vanities which are very easily achievable and would undoubtedly add glitz and glamour to one of the most important rooms of your home. For a stylish lifestyle one need to think stylishly and hence beautification for our homes does speak volumes on our personalities. Apart from concrete renovations there are some very handy tips as well which can be applied to add more beauty and convenience to your bathrooms.

DIY Tips to have a stylish bathroom – With reasonable and available items

  • Adding green indoor plants
  • Putting colorful storage boxes at the platforms
  • Hanging interesting shower curtains
  • Putting scented candles or camphor pots to have your bathrooms smell great
  • Keeping small towels folded in different ways
  • Pretty looking dustbins at the corner
  • Having plastic or real flowers next to the bathtub or wash basins
  • Adding nice pictures on the walls
  • Having extra vacuum rods to hang stuffs like loofahs and shower gels
  • Keeping creative tissue boxes and colorful cotton balls
  • A plastic waterproof magazine rack can also be a part of the space.

bathroom vanities
There can be decorate million ways to decorate and keep your bathrooms looking awesome and full of life. The private space is for freshening up and so the freshness should be intact and it should be maintained from time to time. Bathroom Vanities can be added keeping your budgets in mind as creativity seeks imagination more than expense. If you have style and upgrade as your priority in life, this article would surely add some help to the same. When we live in an urban society we must incorporate urban thinking and advancements in our own space as well because bathroom is the place where we WASH, BRUSH, FLOSS, and FLUSH along with spending the most private times of our day.

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