Beautify Your Dream Home by Glass Balustrades

glass balustrades

When it comes to home and architecture we always tend to experiment on various there have been witnessed so many advances in the field of building construction. The trend goes into searching for newer materials for construction and in this regard the material that is most widely tested is glass.

There are many benefits of using glass these days’ like

  • Glass has a modern appeal
  • Glass makes a space look more spacious
  • Glass helps in bringing out the real essence of the place
  • Glass helps in partitioning a space without cutting down upon the visual space

This is the reason why a lot of people have started using glass in the balustrades as well. You will find glass balustrade in all such places now where you would have never thought as it has the property to break at sudden jerk or due to something hard hitting it. The places where glass balustrades are being used are

  • Staircases
  • Balconies
  • Terraces

glass balustrades
There are various benefits of using a glass balustrade in place of the traditional balustrades that are made from wood or stone:

  • The glass balustrades do not interfere with the vision and so they help you to look far and wide.
  • The glass balustrades are made of heavy duty glass and they do not break easily.
  • These days there are toughened glass available for this purpose and this is the reason why many people are opting for this kind of balustrades for their homes.
  • These provide a better protection by forming a continuous protection wall around places like terraces and balconies.

It is a fact that the balustrades that were made originally only metal or wood but in those times materials like glass and metal were not even thought of being used in construction of buildings. So, as the times changed, people experimented and found out the utility of newer materials like glass and metal in the field of construction.

The glass balustrades are constructed in the form of vertical or horizontal sheets. We commonly see the glass sheets being used as balustrades in the malls and larger buildings. This is just one example of how the balustrades are being commercially used at such large scales. But if this is the case then the glass balustrades at home will bear no safety issues too. The balustrades used for home are smaller and weigh less and this makes it safe to be used in residential constructions.
glass balustrades

The glass balustrades make a home more modern in its looks. You can line your staircase or your balcony. You can use plain glass for a more spacious look or translucent glass for a little privacy. The glass can be with frame or without frame. The glass without frame looks more delicate and beautiful. This frameless glass could be simple or ornate depending upon your choice.

The maintenance of glass balustrades:

The maintenance of glass balustrades is a very easy thing. All you need is

  • Simple glass cleaner
  • Mild detergent
  • A piece of rag

This will help you clean away those hand prints or water marks from the glass surface.

The balustrades are not considered as a good option for small homes because they give a crowded feeling to the already small space but the glass balustrades are a good idea to create the illusion of more space in that same small home. The glass lets most of the light pass through it with little reflection and thus makes the space looks much bigger than it is actually.

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