If you are new to the profession, you must have a lot of question in your mind. This article is particularly created for professionals who are just getting started in mobile development. One of the biggest questions you might have in your mind is about the backend development platform. There are lot of options to choose from, but you need the one that works best for you. Here’s how to decide the right mobile platform for backend development.

iOS or Android Development?

There are many different types of mobile development platforms for different operating systems. Most commonly used and biggest mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. Both devices are entirely different from the other. You have to choose one platform to work on. There are also many platforms that allow you to create cross-platform applications. Such apps would work on every device, however, they aren’t considered as efficient as ones developed on native platforms. For example, an app developed in Android Studio would be better for android OS compared to one built in Xamarin.

The Three Phases

When you get a project, plan it for these three phases of development.

1. Brainstorming

You start with gathering user requirements and brainstorming how you are going to implement it. In the first phase, you plan everything in your mind and design it on pages if needed. You make a structure according to which you create functions and link them to each other.

2. Development

It is after planning that you start the practical development of the app. In this phase, you do the coding in the framework you decided according to the pattern that you decided in first phase.

3. Delivery

Delivery isn’t just sending the app link to the client. It includes the installation of the application on user’s device and ensuring it always runs smoothly. You may also have to provide updates from time to time.

Clear Programming Concepts

You must strengthen your programming concepts in order to start any kind of development. For that, the old school method is best. Study programming fundamentals, then objective-oriented programming, and then data structures and algorithm. Learn and use them in your code to create an efficient application that its users will appreciate. If you need a program for yourself or your client, you should acquire backend development services to get it done.

Learn About App Builders and SDK

There are several frameworks and Software Development Kits in every mobile platform. These SDKs make it easy for you to develop an app. They enhance your productivity and speed by providing many built-in functionalities that would otherwise take a lot of time. There are different SDK suites for Android Studio and different for Swift and Xamarin.

Start with a Dummy Application

In order to learn any language and platform, start by developing a dummy application that would make you familiar with all its features. You can build a small app for yourself that you can use in your personal or professional life. You won’t have any time limit or client’s pressure when doing this work. Its sole purpose would be learning and that you most certainly will by doing practical.


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