Studies show that the use of cloud for developing applications helps in significantly reducing average development time. This is because cloud can streamline the process. You can easily and quickly get access to all the assets required for development at your fingertips. The cloud also simplifies the process of collaboration between different teams and team members.

The main benefits of using cloud computing for development projects are as follows.

1. Quick Resource Access

Every development team values quick and easy access to resources. You are going to need different resource types. This ranges from development resources to test resources to latest technologies. The use of cloud-based DevOps Consulting Services can help you quickly create the required environments. The cloud is always expanding the range of services it offers.

The cloud also allows you to script and automate the provisioning of resources. You can easily and quickly create new servers, databases, testing resources, or decommission these resources as and when required.

2. Easily Scalable

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the cloud, not just in development environments but everywhere, is its scalability. It is different from conventional server hosting because you don’t have to worry about the specifications of each node. When developing highly available applications, it is important to have load balancing between database clustering and application servers. This involves costly SAN configuration.

With the help of cloud, it is now possible to scale any part of your application with ease and speed. When it comes to application servers, you scan increase hardware configuration to scale up or add more servers to scale out. The configuration of auto-scaling allows you to add more servers depending on different factors like memory and CPU. Similarly, you can also scale databases by increasing the server power.

3. Easier Deployment

Integrating the cloud into source control system allows you to configure automated builds such as deployment of:

  • Databases
  • Code
  • Automated testing
  • Automatic server provisioning

4. Cost Savings

Another reason the cloud has become so important to the development community is the cost savings that it provides. It allows you to start small and scale up the resources as and when required. The key advantages in this regard include:

  • Zero Initial Investment: If you were to setup your own data centers, it could cost a fortune. With the Cloud you can have access to all the servers and hardware power you want, without the need for any initial investment.
  • pay-as-you-go Model: With cloud computing, you will pay only for the resources you use. You can easily and quickly scale up or down as and when needed and pay only for what you use.
  • Reliability: Redundancy is an important feature of the cloud and it is beneficial in data reliability and potential disaster recovery. You will not have to provision a dedicated (and expensive) data center and use sophisticated tools for backup, data replication, and restoration. Everything is handled by the cloud and the service provider.

5. Global Reach

Another advantage of using the cloud for software development is the global reach that it provides. Your application can be hosted in data centers anywhere. This allows replication of data and your customers are able to receive optimal performance without concern where they are located. AppOptics integration for AWS CloudWatch is one of many solutions that will get you the results expected.

Thus, there are many advantages of using cloud computing in development environment. It helps speed up and eases the process. It also helps in significantly reducing costs. The cloud provides you access to all the power and resources you need without having to make any big investment.

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