Getting a breast lift may have crossed your mind once or twice, but you are afraid of the procedure or you are reluctant to do it because you don’t know anything about it. There is this great article from Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery on breast lift procedure to give you a better idea about it, and this is a beginner’s guide: choosing a cosmetic surgeon for your breast lift.

How to Tell if You Need a Breast Lift

●  When you notice that your nipples are sitting below the crust that is under your breast

As you age and as your weight changes, your breast sags below your lower crease so you could try placing one sheet of paper underneath your breast and observe if your nipples are falling below the top edge of the paper. When you notice that it fell below the top edge of the paper, then it could be a sign that you need a breast lift.

●  When your breasts are sagging

If you notice that your breasts are starting to sag and it’s starting to bother you, then you could get a breast lift so that you could have better self-esteem.

● The shape of your breasts had started to flatten

As you age, there may be changed in the shape of your breast. You could try the pencil test where you would place the pencil under your breast and if it could hold the pencil, then you are still good. But if it could not, then you could maybe get a breast lift.

●  When you notice that your nipples are pointing down

Breast lifts are there to help tighten some of the loose skin on your breast and help in positioning your breast tissue to help your nipples point forward since your nipples may start being pulled down because of volume changes.

Common Reasons Women Choose This Procedure

1. Youthfulness

We undergo a lot of changes as we change, this includes physical changes that tend to make us look a lot older than who we really are, and maybe look younger than we are. Breast lift surgery could be able to help her with that.

2. Body proportion

There are some women who choose to increase the size of their breasts because they want to make their bodies look more aesthetically pleasing and give them more confidence in themselves.

3. Asymmetry

You may notice that your breasts are not symmetrical and the other may appear larger compared to its partner. A lot of women want to get a breast lift so that it would be equal, improving not only the asymmetry of your breast, but it could also improve your self-esteem.

4. To fit in their clothes

There may be times where you look at your old clothes and reminisce back on when you could fit in them, or when you want to buy a style of clothing that would not be able to fit you the way that it should.

Tips for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When you are interviewing a bunch of doctors, do not hesitate to bring up all of your concerns, they would not hesitate to explain and answer all of the possible concerns that you may have before the procedure. You could ask them how often they perform the procedure you are about to go under, the type of procedure they specialize in, and if there are other concerns about your health, especially if you are taking medication.

2. Search for amazing deals

This is not really something that you have to be the deciding factor of everything, but you have to compare and contrast all of these amazing deals that are on the table because you are going to have to live with the procedures that are done to your face your whole life.

3. Talk to a lot of different surgeons

When you are choosing a plastic surgeon to do your surgery, you have to remember that this is not just something you have to pick on a whim. You have to go and talk to multiple surgeons and consult with them since each surgeon may have their own ways and services, so you have choices to compare with.

4. Board certification

This is the most important thing that you have to look for when you are looking for a plastic surgeon to do your surgeries since this would give you the reassurance that they are qualified to do the procedure. You have to look for a certification handed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to know that they meet their standards.

5. Hospital access

It is usually advised that you look for surgeons who have access to a hospital that is responsible and reputable to make sure that they are going to be able to treat you right and give you the comfort that you deserve.

There are a lot more procedures that you could choose from to help you attain the picture-perfect body that you have in mind, and this does not only include your breast. You could learn more through further research and maybe talk to your surgeon more about all of the other procedures that you are interested in getting.

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