How To Benefit The Most From Using A TENS Unit

Tens Unit

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines are part of pain management programs found only in medical institutes as they were too costly for home use. Currently, individuals purchase and use them for treating some health conditions. As an essential tool for ensuring wellness, a TENS unit stimulates the nerves through the skin using electric impulses. Besides pain relief and nerve retraining, there are other benefits of using this device.

1Below are the advantages of using this machine.

2Pain Relief

The primary function of a TENS unit is to ease the pain. Sending electric impulses to the aching muscle reduces the sensation of pain. This natural relief results from the release of endorphins stimulated by the impulses. Consequently, the body alleviates the pain naturally.

This device functions as a pain killer and has no adverse effect. Users that suffered from severe back pain confirmed a significant relief from bach ache. They were able to move freely, rather than hunched in pain all through the day.

3Nerve Retraining

Damage to a nerve can lead to difficulty in movement and pain. Such situation results from the inability of the nerve to send or receive signals efficiently. A TENS unit can heal a damaged nerve and retrain it to function properly. The electric impulses from this device will send signals through the muscle to the brain. In turn, the tissue receives a response from the brain. The damaged nerve can now follow the path of the signals. Over time, you will regain mobility of the affected part of the body.

4Reduction of Inflammation

Inflamed muscles can lead to pain and discomfort. A TENS unit can ease inflammation, even within the inner muscle fibers. Studies have shown that this tool can reduce swelling and ache that result from sciatica, pinched nerves and degeneration of discs.

5Massaging Machine

Some manufacturers produced TENS machines that can also function as massage tools. Such devices use a special pulse pattern to massage the user. The intensity of the pulse varies, even to higher levels to manipulate the muscles internally. Standard models of this unit, now come with programmable settings which enable users to utilize the massage option. This function will bring significant relief to individuals suffering from elbow pain or a backache.

6Alleviation of Fear

Body pains can lead to fear. A person suffering from such condition can develop a phobia that can prevent the individual from performing certain movements or tasks that may increase the pain. Such panicking can change a person’s lifestyle, and rehabilitation may take some time.

7Affordable and Easy to Use

Pain medications are either costly or have adverse effects. Some of these drugs are no longer effective on their users, who seek for other forms of relief. Also, some people have become dependent on the painkillers they use. TENS machine can be of immense help to individuals in these situations as it has no side effects.

Also, this medical device is easy to use. Just place one of the enclosed pads on the affected muscle, and the machine will perform its task. Newer models of this tool are easy to adjust and use. You have to choose the right setting for the device to function properly. However, you may find it difficult to identify the correct muscle that you will stimulate to ease the pain.

TENS units have been of great help in pain reduction and an alternative to some pain medications. They are affordable, safe and easy to use. With the increase of dependency on drugs, adverse effects, and medication costs; TENS machine is the perfect option for easing inflammation and pain.

This device enables users to remain active and gets rid of phobia. The additional massage function helps users to keep fit and not to be scared of muscle atrophy. However, you should not use this medical device on or near your face, neck, head or heart. The electric impulses from this tool are dangerous if used on these body parts. It can cause severe injury or death. Do not use the machine on any part of the skin that is irritated or over an open wound. Also, never use it in a bathtub or under the shower. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and report any burns or skin problems immediately.