Many people think that corporate housing is short-term rentals like furnished apartments or houses to live for a short period of time when traveling or when relocating to another country.

Nevertheless, it can serve as a short time residence when you are remodeling your house or when moving from one house to another.

Undeniably, corporate housing provides significant benefits that useful for homeowners by providing extra features that you cannot get from hotels.

Also, corporate housing is ideal for business people who need to travel on a regular basis. In fact, many people prefer a corporate housing rental stay than a hotel.

Note that hotels are sometimes costly even if you will stay for a short period of time. If a company regularly sends employees for business travels, seminars or other business operations, the company can save a lot of money when they use corporate housing instead of hotels.

Even when there is a need to extend the trip, it will not cost the company more than it could cost when the employees use hotel services and accommodation.

In general, hotels are good when you want to stay for less than a week. They are great when it comes to flexibility and are good locations, but they are costly.

Below we’ve shared the benefits of corporate housing.

1. Spacious

This is one of the disadvantages hotels especially when you need to stay for a long period of time. They lack sufficient space.

But when it comes to corporate housing, you will get more room, more space to store your items and you will feel at home.

2. Amenities

Corporate housing offers more amenities and makes your living situation easier especially if you are relocating to a new home.

Everything is packed so you will feel like you are at your home. Corporate housing is apartments that are fully furnished. You will get a high-speed internet, towels, and more. Other things you get are:

  • Washer and Dryer: Going to the dry cleaners to do laundry can add up the cost of staying in a hotel.

When you stay in a corporate housing, you will be offered with washers and dryers so you can wash your clothes which will save you money than when you stay in a hotel.

  • Full kitchen: Corporate housing offers a full kitchen. In the kitchen, you can use the microwave, stove and many other kitchen amenities when you want to cook your own food. This will save you the money you could have spent to eat when you stay in hotels.
  • Maid services: This is in fact, the one and the utmost reason why people like to stay in corporate housing. Maid service will help you when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, clean all the trash and change the beddings.
  • Better furniture: The furniture you enjoy in a corporate housing is good than those you will find in a hotel. Such things like the bed and other furniture are comfortably designed to help you feel relaxed.

You can decide to rest on a couch, take your dinner at a dining table or even do your work at a real desk.

3. Plenty of bedrooms

If you have decided to travel with your family to another country or you decide to share an apartment with other employees, you can expect to have more than 2 bedrooms in a corporate housing than in a hotel.

4. Closeness to your place of work

You can expect to find housing that is near the place where you work. Particularly if you have to commute regularly and there are no hotels around.

Think of the amount you could spend on gas when you are living in a hotel that is far from your place of work.

This is not the case for housing since you can stay close to your place of work when you live in apartments.

5. Privacy

In most case, hotels don’t offer the privacy you can get from apartments. In fact, privacy is a big drawback for hotels. They lack privacy which is more provided in a corporate housing.


Corporate housing is ideal if you need a place to stay while on a business trip. Anyone can stay in corporate housing. The good thing about corporate housing is that you can rent it to other businesspeople.

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