Automating your field service through the use of field service management software is a step that can bring you a ton of new and useful information and take some of the complications out of the documentation required of all technicians. Below are five benefits that can be realized immediately.

Comprehensive Field Information Collections

The field service industry is one that is driven by improvements made through data collection and analysis. The true test of performance for customers comes through the information obtained out in the field. Meeting appointment times, fast and accurate diagnosis of problems and quick and correct repairs all play key roles in retaining existing and reaching new customers.

Created Work Orders and Common Forms Access

No service technician wants to ride around with a box full of documents. Using field service management software for small business, you can make it easier for your technicians to access the paperwork needed and move on to the next appointment. It helps streamline the day. Everything will be documented through the software, which makes the daily tally easy.

Real-Time Reports and Logs

Your technician can use the software from GoCanvas and add all pertinent reports and logs in a real-time format. You no longer have to guess where your technicians are, what stage in the repairs or deal with the hassles of the cell phone connection. The technicians can concentrate their efforts on moving through the day and sticking with their expected arrival times.

Consultation and Diagnostic Tracking

The technician will need to perform a diagnostics and estimate long before any service or work order comes into play. All of their time is documented by inputting any consultation or diagnostic work and what the resulting recommendations are for repairs. It serves as a way of tracking the need for service, the time it takes to perform the repairs, and finish results.

Complete Mobile Capabilities

Automating your field service has never been easier than using the mobile capabilities of quality field service management software. Using service industry geared software reduces the potential for errors and provides a wider base of data collection. All collected data can be used to help improve the services offered ad increase customer satisfaction. The future in field service management has arrived.

Enjoy the benefits that well-designed field service management software offers. It provides an easier way for technicians to document their day and the management team a glimpse of the right information it takes to make sound operational decisions.

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