Removable bollards temporarily provide protection for areas where they are necessary—like streetscapes with heavy vehicular traffic, areas where pedestrians are gathering for a particular event, or for parking lots that are closed or are already full.

Benefits of Removable Bollards

  1. One of the advantages of removable bollards is that they are built to last. Their sturdiness helps give a visual value to car parks and other places where they are installed. Removable bollards have a modern and stylish look. They are usually yellow or black with a dome-shaped top.
  2. Removable bollards are low-maintenance. They are also designed to withstand heat as well as any extreme environmental conditions. Additionally, since they are made from steel, which does not rust, removable bollards are non-corrosive. They can also be easily installed and setting them up is not costly compared to permanent bollards.
  3. Better safety in a parking lot is not the only way pedestrians benefit from retractable bollards. Additionally, in places like museums, parks, stadiums, and theaters, removable bollards control the access of cars to create a safer space for pedestrians. Removable bollards are used to close areas in theaters and museums as people pour in and out. They are also used to help drivers know that they cannot enter particular sections of a park, which are only designated for biking and walking.
  4. Removable bollards provide temporary restricted entry when needed. On the other hand, they can easily be removed when they are not needed. When cars need to be temporarily kept out of a specific part of a building, such as a sports facility or a hospital, just set up removable bollards to indicate no entry. They can also be used to limit entry for when there are important events and a facility or a certain commercial establishment wants to have an area secured for an important event or other special occasion.
  5. Removable bollards break up traffic from pedestrians to ensure safety in busy places. They help to easily make lanes. They also secure the perimeter from approaching traffic. If you have experienced issues with parking lot safety, consider using removable bollards.

What are security bollards?

Security bollards have an essential function in making sure that a certain perimeter is secured. They are created for the purpose of physically preventing unauthorised people or cars from entering or exiting a certain location.

How far apart should removable bollards be placed?

Removable bollards must be positioned 1.5 feet from an edge in areas where vehicles are parked beside the curb. If there are no vehicles parked in the area where removable bollards are to be installed, they can be placed directly next to the curb.

Additionally, at least 3 feet between every bollard must be maintained. But then again, never go beyond 5 feet between every bollard. Doing so will compromise the bollards’ ability to block vehicles or prevent collisions.