Credit cards are an integral part of our lifestyle today. It is not merely a substitute for cash but serves other purposes and brings a host of benefits as well. Therefore, choosing a perfect credit card that suits your needs the best is of utmost importance. It is generally believed by people that any and every credit card can be opted for and it would work just the same. But the truth is entirely the opposite. Every man’s purchasing habits are different and require a separate kind of card. Standard chartered offers you a wide range of credit cards to choose from. Each card is tailor-made for a particular kind of shopper. The credit cards offered by Standard Chartered come along with features that enrich one’s shopping experiences. The advantages of credit card are numerous. Right from cashback to discounts to easy EMIs all are available exclusively through credit card. In this article today, we will go through the features andadvantages of credit card from Standard Chartered.

Features of Standard Chartered Credit Cards

The credit cards that Standard Chartered offers come with the following features:

A load Of Discounts

The first of all the advantages of credit card that we see comes the aspect of discount. We are constantly engaged in monetary exchanges, be it buying groceries or clothes or vacation we are always spending money. Credit cards reward us for our expenditure. What could be better? Standard chartered credit cards have an avalanche of discounts on hotels, travels, and dinning. If your pocket aches from the daily cab ride that you take to commute, get an SC credit card and fall back upon it. With your SC credit card, you need not wait for yearly or quarterly discounts on shopping apps, every month could be a sale for you.

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EMI facility

The middle-class man is often deprived of realizing his dreams for he often has too many mouths to feed but with an SC credit card one can achieve all the happiness. Standard Chartered offers an easy EMI system which enables you to pay your credit card bills via EMIs through KBE. You can easily convert your card expenditure into instalments on the website itself or by calling their customer service. The Standard Chartered team is always available for any assistance you need in this arena or any other. With all these, there will be no more sullen faces of loved ones but only joy.

Effective Mobile Banking

Paying bills is now hassle-free. Forget about standing in a long queue to pay your electricity bills or phone bills. All can be done with a click if you own a credit card. Standard chartered allows you to do your banking any time of the day. These banking services are available to you from any corner of the world. All major features like account information, fund transfer, investment services, loan details, credit card management etc. are all available with Standard Chartered mobile banking. Now you can manage your finances without having to rush to your bank at a particular time.

Mobile banking with Standard Chartered credit cards is absolutely safe and secure. The company is one of the oldest and most reliable.

These salient features make the Standard Chartered credit cards one of the most sought after credit cards. Millions of people’s lives have been made simpler with credit cards.

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Benefits of Standard Chartered Credit Cards

There are severaladvantages of credit card. It is a tedious task to completely explore the benefits of SC credits cards but the following list will give you an overview of it.

  1. SC credit cards provide you with a cashback on fuels. With the ever-increasing price of fuel, this is a boon.
  2. If you pay your phone bills or electricity bills via credit card, you are entitled to coupons and cashback. It is a persistent offer that is available throughout, unlike some credit card companies which gives you offers only up to a stipulated time period.
  3. The reward points on your purchases is a great way to save. Redeeming these points is no less than receiving gifts.
  4. Travel credit cards will make your dream of an exotic destination come true. You can also avail loans for the same purpose. Discounts are available for a wide range of flights, hotels, activities and dining. The domestic or international tour, your credit card will definitely ease you out.
  5. Balance transfer facility is also available on Standard Chartered credit cards.

These are but only a few basic advantages of credit card offered by Standard Chartered. Each card has its own salient advantage. If you are a foodie, your correct credit card would be different from someone who takes frequent tours all over the year. Know your needs and choose from the variety of credit cards that Standard Chartered has to offer. Do not wait anymore for an increment to live a better life but instead grab a credit card.