Remember those times where the preparation was a trip only included throwing a few things into a suitcase or backpack, and you were ready to go – as long as you had your passport and money, there was nothing else to worry about.

Sadly, that’s not the case if you’re going on a family vacation with your kids. With them, you need to prepare for everything, and it can get very stressful. And in the end, you will still worry that you forgot something. Doesn’t sound like a relaxing vacation, does it? However, there are some ways in which you can avoid that. The first and probably the most useful thing would be to make a list. That way, you can see what you want to take.

Obvious things to bring include travel documents, such as IDs, health insurance, bus or train tickets and boarding passes. But what else to pack to avoid being stressed out on vacation? Well, if you want to find out, just keep reading.


Let’s be honest – kids are not hard to entertain; they just need toys to play with. The problem is, however, that it’s very easy for them to get bored after just a few minutes of playing with the same thing. And if you have a 10-hour flight ahead of you, it doesn’t seem very encouraging. So what you can do in this case?

Take more toys, but make sure that they are small. Instead of bringing a big teddy bear, bring a few small soft toys. You can find them in any toy store for less than $10. If your kids are older, you can bring some board games – you can find cheap travel versions of the most popular games almost everywhere.

A good idea is Scrabble. Not only does it entertain the kids, but it also helps them in development by making them think. You can also use websites like to teach them new vocabulary if they can’t think of a word. You will kill two birds with one stone. Perfect, isn’t it?


That one is probably obvious. Clothes are essential – after all, you don’t want your kids to go around naked. The kind and amount of clothes you should pack for them depends mainly on the weather in the place you’re going to and the duration of your stay. Is it so hot that you are melting, or just the opposite and it’s so cold that you would do everything for a sheepskin coat?

Well, for a hot climate you should pack things like shorts/skirts, T-shirts, a cap or a hat, sunglasses, and leggings. For a cold environment, you should pack long trousers, long-sleeve shirts, a coat or a rain jacket, sweaters, a hat, a scarf, and gloves. Things that you should pack no matter where you are going include underwear, socks, shoes, and pyjamas.

Even though you might think that it’s obvious, putting them on a list will make you not forget to pack anything.

Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags are useful in more than just one case. Firstly, you can put various snacks inside of them – that way you will have something to eat on you, and there will be no need to buy food, for example, at the airport which tends to be expensive.

They are also a perfect way to transport toys or art supplies. Just throw inside some crayons and a colouring book, and you have something that will occupy your child in a restaurant or at the airport. They also come in handy if you want to take Lego or some other blocks, as you don’t have to take the bag, just a few.

Another way in which you can use the ziplock bags is to pack clothes. Just pack one outfit into one bag. You will not need to rummage through the whole suitcase to find an outfit; all you have to do is take out one bag. And you can buy them in different colours so that each family member can have their own. And after you’re done with the outfit, you can put it back into the bag, so that dirty clothes will not be mixed with the clean ones.


Let’s be honest, travelling with kids is not easy. However, there are some things that you can do and pack to make it easier. Apart from the ones listed above, you should take some medicine. An excellent choice is Tylenol, as it works for several things – fever, colds, or bellyaches are just a few of them.

Remember to not go overboard with packing. Don’t take more clothes than you need as there will always be a washing machine or a laundry somewhere near. The same goes for toys – don’t take a few big ones, just take more of the smaller ones.

Hopefully, after reading this article, it will be easier to pack for a vacation with your kids. All there is left to say is Good luck and enjoy your vacation!