Are you an avid traveler? Are you looking for the perfect way to keep your luggage nice yet affordable? Well, here is the good news; you can achieve just that without breaking a bank. But here is the thing; you need to know which the best picks to suit your purpose are. Lucky for you, we will give you some quick hacks to pick the best classy yet affordable baggage options.

For starters, here is a quick tip. If you are planning an international trip, you may want to check the luggage requirements for the international carriers you wish to patronize. If you are more into road trips, you might want to pick an option that is spacious enough to hold your items, compact enough to save up trunk space and hardy enough for any eventualities.

With that said, it is good to note that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best options to suit a variety of travel situations. In this piece, we will look only at the best possible picks.

1. The Wheeled Underseater – Samsonite

The Wheeled Underseater - SamsoniteIf you are looking for a speeding bullet with a great build quality and compact size, the wheeled underseater is your pick. It offers pretty decent capacity, making it perfect for a short getaway. It comes in handy for those who do not like to haggle for the overhead bin as it easily fit under the airline seat. Apart from being convenient, durable, and smart, it is also quite affordable. You can get it with less than $65.


2. The Two-Piece Set – Rockland Luggage

Rockland LuggageThis is one of the travel baggage options that are hard to beat in terms of capacity. The set consists of two light weight bags. The set is perfect for short vacation or for kids. Here is the bonus; it comes with an extendable zipper that allows you to put in a few extra items! Its solid build quality, capacity and bargain price are its major selling points. You can get all that in less than $37.

3. The Hard Case – The Kenneth Cole Reaction

The Kenneth Cole Reaction The Hard CaseThis is a high quality, attractive looking hard case wheeler with an inviting rugged exterior. The Kenneth Cole Reaction is larger than most carry-ons of its caliber, and can handle the inevitable rough handling such as throwing. It is perfect for a weekend away. It is lightweight, making it ideal for international travels. You can get this classy piece at less than $50!

4. The Backpack – JW Rolling

JW Rolling The BackpackThis is a favorite among people who have no worries toting around an attractive backpack. The backpack is equipped with large wheels for better stability. Additionally, it has a telescopic handle. It is one of those options that are compatible with most international carriers’ regulations. It is hardy, size-able and affordable. Its attractive design makes it a favorite for kids; the bottle carrier is quite an addition too! You can get yourself a JW Rolling backpack with less than $60.

5. The Travel Tote – Toupons

TouponsThis is for the travelers with a masculine taste in baggage options. Totes come with comfortable shoulder as well as hand straps. The tote boasts a solid size as a gym bag or weekend bag or for any other activity requiring similar capacity. It has a number of pockets with decent quality zippers. Not only is it sizable, comfortable and affordable, it also looks swanky! All that goodness costs less than $30.

6. The Luggage Set – Merax Travelhouse

Merax TravelhouseWith its signature bright looks, The Merax Travel house Luggage Set makes it easily noticeable in the baggage carousel. Each bag comes with its own silent rotating wheels and telescopic handles. The bags are sturdy, lightweight, and high quality and they come with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. It is perfect for a long vacation as its capacity is quite unrivaled. The wheels are multi-directional and silent, making the bags easy to handle. You can get this 3-bag luggage set for as little as $139.

7. The Garment Bag – Samsonite Silhoutte Deluxe Spinner

Samsonite Silhoutte Deluxe SpinnerThis is made purposely to carry garments in a way that best preserves them. The best thing about this particular Samsonite garment bag is that it comes with spinning wheels. This means that you can use it as a regular travel bag; just let the wheels do all the work for you! You need not carry it like a regular garment bag. It is durable, classy, and you can get one at less than $40.

There are countless more options when it comes to travel bags. Your pick will largely depend on your preferences, intended use and budget. Be sure to browse around before settling on any one piece. However, if you are looking for multipurpose travel bags, you can consider the above options.

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