Most women carry handbags because they believe they have everything in it that can get through any situation. Some like to carry a large one while others might want one with a lot of zippers for travel. In fact, if you are asking them about how heavy their big handbag is, there is a chance of them getting angry. Women never get tired of carrying a fashionable handbag. Nobody is a slave to the recent fashion trends or to anybody’s judgment, thus everyone has their choice. We have accumulated some of the best fashionable handbags for ladies so that you can decide which one to buy next

1. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Small Logo Tote Handbag

A chic handbag that will help you endure the weekdays and be a stunning partner of the weekends. It stains resistant quality always makes it shine and you can stand out from the crowd.


  • Dual buckle
  • Crafted from synthetic
  • Carries a lot of items with ease
  • Looks large but is lightweight
  • MK built along with logo

2. FRYE Melissa Tote Handbag

Every woman worth her salt deserves a tote handbag that will be their assistant through the seven days of the week. Get all your belongings and items into this and it will match any look, either casual or party.


  • User-friendly; has snap closure
  • Perfect for emergencies
  • Extra strap
  • Made from leather
  • Durable and long-lasting

3. MICHAEL Kors E/W Signature Tote Bag Handbag

MK has a solid platform in the fashion industry and carrying one of their bags makes you look good. Everyone goes crazy over it because of the MK print all over the exterior. If you can get your hands on the authentic one, you cannot expect anything better than this. It will hold all the items you need from day to night. If you also do not like to switch bags every day, this can work for seven days of the week. s


  • The interior is big and can hold electronics safely
  • Versatile and adds life to your bag collection
  • Can carry small bags in it
  • It is not out of proportion or oversized
  • Will not get worn out
  • Lady-like and for any event

4. Bradley Turn Lock Satchel Handbag

If you see a bright colored ladies handbag, know that it is the one waiting for you to pick it up. It will give your hands all the freedom and looks good on a canvas. No matter what your style is, you can add edge to it as it will give a positive vibe.


  • Suitable for travelers
  • Beautiful and attractive
  • Made of cotton
  • The fabric is eye-catching
  • Multiple pockets make it versatile

These are some of the handbags you should consider and they will definitely be a luxurious piece of investment you make. They are for every occasion and will add style in your busy on-the-go lifestyle.