Undoubtedly modern-day smartphones have made our life much more convenient. Whether you have to click a picture, entertain yourself with latest tracks, send/receive emails, connect with your family and friends, monitor your health, everything is now possible via a smartphone. But as every coin has two sides, same goes for smartphones. As with continuous use of smartphones we never came to know when we get addicted to them. Now if have to spend a complete day without a smartphone, then we will find it near impossible.

Checking your smartphone after every few minutes, checking your smartphone before getting to bed and after getting out of bed, using your phone even you are with your loved ones, all confirm that you are addicted to smartphones. But now the question arises how to break this smartphone addiction. So, guys ironically smartphone itself will help you to break the addiction. Guessing how? Actually, there are some wonderfully developed smartphone apps that will help you to curb smartphone addiction.

Social Fever – Beat Smartphone addiction

Social Fever

Social Fever, with star rating 4.8 is an app developed by Systweak to curb smartphone addiction. With a complete analysis of your phone usage, the app will help you to stay focused on the real-life activities that you were missing due to smartphone addictions.

Moreover, the app produces a daily status report by keeping a check on the usage of individual apps along with number of times the screen is unlocked.

Salient Features:

  • User-friendly app that do not require any sign in.
  • Keep a track of your time that you have given to a app.
  • Information regarding the time you saved along with its productive usage.
  • Alert message if you are listening on headphone and looking at the screen more than 30 minutes.
  • Complete information about screen unlock times from morning to evening.
  • Alert message if you exceed the set app usage time.

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AppBlock – Stay Focused

AppBlockAppBlock, an app with star rating of 4.2 and 500,000+ downloads help you to limit your phone uses by temporarily blocking the applications that distract you from your work. After downloading this app on your smartphone, select all those apps that you feel distracts you while you are in between some important work by keeping their notifications turned off as per your need.

Salient Features:

  • Block notification from a specific application to avoid unwanted disturbance.
  • Easily select the place and time to block the apps.
  • Complete list of all blocked notifications so that you don’t miss an important one.
  • Create profiles with rules for group of specific applications.
  • Set a timer to activate a profile for a desired time frame.
  • Set a PIN code for the application itself.

MyAddictometer – Mobile addiction tracker

MyAddictometerIf you wish to keep a check on your smartphone addiction then you can go for this app. With 3.7-star rating and more than 50000 downloads this app helps you to overcome smartphone addiction by identifying when a user spends most of his time on smartphone. It is an app that is most helpful for all the professionals and students that can utilize their time in a better way by staying apart from their smartphones.

Salient Features:

  • Tracks your day to day usage of smartphone to show you a trend of your complete usage for a day, week and month.
  • Efficient tracking of time that is spent in a session to get an idea about smartphone addiction.
  • Comparison of mobile usage for various days to get a fair idea regarding the variation in smartphone usage.
  • Tracking of individual apps to know which are consuming the most of time and efforts.

OFFTIME – Distraction Free

OFFTIMEWith 500,000+ downloads and 4-star rating, OFFTIME app helps you to limit your phone usage. After installing the app, you can create a profile to block calls, messages and notifications. The app makes sure that you remain undistracted and focused on your work by limiting your phone usage.

Salient Features:

  • You can block calls, messages and notification without affecting VIP contacts.
  • You can send out custom auto-replies.
  • Scheduling and automatic start of profile.
  • Set alarms to warn you about excessive usage.

SPACE – Break phone addiction

SPACE Break phone addictionWith a thumping 500000+ downloads and 4.2-star rating this app effectively monitors your mobile usage to end your smartphone addiction. With simple yet attractive layout design, the app helps you to manage your phone usage effectively resulting in breaking your addiction with the phone.

Salient features:

  • A tailor-made program that is designed to your own phone usage habits.
  • You can set and improvise your targets for the time spent on your smartphone.
  • Track your overall progress over a complete period of 2 months.
  • Getting self-motivated by comparing the results with friends and family.

So, guys, these were the 5 best Android apps to break your smartphone addiction so that you can stay focused on your job instead of continuously distracting by your smartphone.

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