A proxy server is sort of a filtering system which filters all the traffic first before it enters to your private network or your system. The main of using the proxy server is to hide your real location and identity. Now let us discuss a few points about using the anonymous servers.

Set up is user intuitive and easy to configure you don’t need to be a professional for it. In old times you need to configure your local browser so you can access internet through it but in recent times things are smooth and easy. You just only have to access internet normally it automatically is filtered through the proxy.

Let us see the 5 best proxy service.

1. Hidester

Hidester is one of the best proxy service which support SSL and helps you protect from various dangerous scripts and trojans which could be harmful for your computer. It is the most eminent and reliable free web proxy service available in the market.

It also provides you with a choice which enables you to choose between a US or Europe servers with the facility of encryption in each of them. It also provides you different options such as disallow cookies and has options to accept and reject cookies or objects from loading.

2. com

The ProxySite.com Website is a sort of another very famous proxy service which can be used with almost any website. It also provides similar options of choosing a distinct server from different regions of the globe.

3. VPNBook

VPNBook is one the famous free anonymous proxy service available out there which you can use it. This also provides with 256-bit of encryption so that your data and location both remain secure. It provides you to use proxy server of various distinct regions of the world. It gives you better control by enabling features like Cookies, scripts and trojan etc. it is easy to use you just have to configure things one time only.

4. me

Another famous web proxy which you might be interested in using is hide.me it is easy and you can just start with it easily. It is a very easy to setup web proxy which will provide you advanced options of security and privacy. It gives you options for cookies and script and you can use it accordingly.

5. Kproxy

Kproxy is one of the unique web proxy service available out there, the best thing it lets you hide it menu which mostly stays visible on the top of the browser screen. Most of the other web proxy lag behind in this aspect. One of the very good things about this proxy is that it let you switch between 10 different proxy. If you see that your is address is blocked. It also provides you with a supporting app which when installed provides you option to anonymize all the internet activities. It also has a few limitations that it works only with the selective browser.

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