Across the world, there is a day observed when people can play fun jokes and jests on each other, without it being uncommon or novel. It is the annual day for all jokers and pranksters across the globe and is known as April Fool’s Day.  This day is celebrated in many Western countries, and once the joke is discovered, the participants unanimously shout out “April Fool!”

Over the course of years, this festive day of the first of April has witnessed a cavalcade of elaborate, well-thought-out pranks not only played by individuals, but also by organizations, sources of media such as television, newspaper and TV channels, and mainstream brands.

With friends, you always need a reason to laugh and giggle, de-stress and have a wonderful time. This day also helps reduce the everyday fatigue of routine life. It gives us an opportunity of not taking our lives as seriously as we are these days.

As beautiful a coincidence as it can be, this year, in 2018, April Fool’s Day falls on a Sunday; thus, pranking and tricking your co-workers for a good laugh will not be possible this year. However, duping your friends and buddies in good humor and fun this year is likely.

If your stash of fun-filled and lively prank ideas to keep your friends entertained has run out, here is a list of trending and hilarious new jokes you can play on them:

April fool1. Substitute their essential or favorite belongings with minuscule versions

This particular prank is funny and cute. The list of things you can replace includes their television, laptop, Smartphone, handbag, their go-to makeup palette, their notebook, keys or even their car.

Just merely hide away the actual product which they own and put a small, minuscule version of it in its place. The look of sheer annoyance and bewilderment on your friend’s face will be worth the hassle.

The cute part is, once you have restored their original items in place after the joking is over, they can keep the miniature versions as a souvenir or something to remember for the day.

2. Target their sweet tooth

In every group of friends and buddies, there is always one with the insatiable sweet tooth. The one who can’t resist candies and wants a bite of dessert even for breakfast. Yes! This is the friend who keeps a jar of Nutella handy.

For the one who is always seeking sweets, you can present them with a donut box from Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts and have it filled with broccoli inside. Just watch their lit up face turn into intense annoyance as they unbox their goodies.

Another trick you can fool them with is lacing their Oreos with toothpaste or deceiving them with a finely crafted presentation of cake pops. These cake pops can actually be onions covered up in caramel sauce and presented as cake pops.

This one is a bit sour to the taste buds, but you can surely cheer your friend up later by giving them the real sweets they were expecting to eat when they got April Fool’ed like a boss.

3. Wallpaper Replacements on Gadgets

Every person I know has a favorite celebrity and a celebrity they love to hate. Often it is something about the face or general personality of the celebrity that makes them a target for being labeled as cringe-worthy or just plain unlikable at times.

What you can do is replace your friend’s devices’ wallpapers or home screens with a picture of the particular celebrity that they dislike.

Also, what you can do is, take a screenshot of their home screen, remove all icons and apply that shot as the wallpaper. After that, watch them scramble around with their computer or smartphone in bewilderment. This prank can be particularly funny if this friend of yours is always on their phone or laptop.

You can also place a convincing image of a cracked screen as the wallpaper of their devices and watch them panic as they assume that their screen has broken.

4. Trick them into confessing any secret they are keeping from you

This trick can be a bit tricky to execute; it is perhaps the best day of the year because this particular prank is a foolproof way on how to tell if a girl likes you. It is especially funny if you are texting a girl you are interested in and on the night of 31st March, you can tell her that you are getting engaged. The reaction you get from her will say a lot about how she feels about you.

Be careful, however, not to take the joke too far and not hurt or be deceptive towards your friend’s feelings.

Keep it light and sweet and preferably short.

5. Call them by a fake name

To make sure they get annoyed to the max with this one, be sure to stretch this prank for a very long time because this one just keeps getting better and funnier as the time passes. If your friend’s name is Greg, you can keep referring to him as Fred, and if her name is Margaret, you can misname her as Bridget and stick to your guns no matter how many times they correct you.

In the end, make sure that the goofiest and most mischievous one out of your group of your friends is pranked big time by the rest of the group because there is nothing as much fun as making the good-humored one laugh.