Are you planning a vacation in Europe? Great, if you have done that! Apart from colorful history, Churches and festivals, there is another fascinating thing to do in Europe, and that is – Beaches. A number of countries in Europe have beautiful coastlines that offer nature lovers a serene place to hangout. Let’s take a list at the five most exciting beach destinations of Europe making a mark amongst tourists

1. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is truly capable of making your Portugal vacation memorable. Fit for family visit, the beach stretches over 580m. One can enjoy plethora of water sports in the west coast of Algarve. Small lagoons formed at the quieter waters splashing this beach softly make great playing space for children.

Algarve beaches are known for beautiful rocks. One can find a few eateries where you can relish wide range of delectable cuisine. This part of Europe has conditions suitable for surfing too.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, an island in Mediterranean Sea, got its mention in one of the most popular pop numbers too. It deserves that mention because of a beautiful line-up of beaches spread over its geographical map. Of the many beaches of Ibiza, Cala d’ Hort Beach is unique because of its crescent shape.

Ibiza is heaven for rice lovers as many eateries here are serving rice dishes with freshly caught fish from the sea. The food is available round the clock and so you can pack you bag without worrying about food supplies. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets at the Ibiza beaches. Some of the beaches have sites of archeological importance nearby and draw people with taste in History.

3. Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos, Greece, is known for one of the busiest beaches in the country’s coastline. Its virgin beauty and pollution-free environment attracts huge crowd. Thus, you can find its beaches specked with umbrellas and chaise lounges throughout the space. One of the beaches in Zakynthos is the nestling ground of sea turtles and these come to the shore often – a site that is exciting enough to keep you glued to this place. You need to carry your food and water along, though!

4. Versilia, Italy

Versilia in Italy is a hot destination for summer vacations. This part of Italy boasts its sandy beaches and has some interesting resorts too. Known to be the shopper’s paradise, Versilia makes fun destination for water sports. The beginners of surfing can find here safe conditions to explore their passion.

5. Aiya Napa, Cyprus

Aiya Napa is home to stunning gold sand beaches and is known for its nightlife. This part of Cyprus is the perfect destination for enjoying water sports; swimmers can also have a gala time here. Aiya Napa offers amazing choices for eating as it is specked with numerous clubs, restaurants, etc. You can find conditions best suited for sunbathing too.

So, pack your bags right away and log on to to plan visiting the iconic beaches of Europe – a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab upon!

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