Find the best travel mic in 2020 in this blog with the correct review of each product. Then you can decide which mouse to buy at an affordable cost.

1. VicTsing

Under $10, this travel mouse is one of the best products in the market. It has around five famous settings for the correct CPI needs that you have while traveling. This tracking speed ranges from 800 to 2400. 

The company of this mouse has tested it for approximately 5,000,000 keystrokes to make it a perfect traveling companion. It also has a 2.4 GHz wireless chip that can help you connect the laptop device with the same even from a distance of 33 feet.

2. Razer Basilisk Ultimate

It is a high performing gaming mouse for those who are traveling around. This mouse is famous for being exactly what it is promising to be. It feels, looks, and lets you play exactly the way it shows on screen.

It has a supreme high-speed transmission; therefore, it will not let you feel that you are using a wireless gaming mouse at all. In fact, this mouse has been tested with other gaming and travel-friendly mice. 

The results show that this mouse is about 25 percent higher in speed than the rest of the wireless mice available online.

3. Sabrent Mini Travel Mice

It is the optical mouse placed in the market to meet your budget as well as basic travel needs. The cost of the mouse is around $7 and is able to get connected to your devices with just a “plug and play” feature. 

Thus, you do not need any extra software to be installed inside the laptop or other devices while traveling to make the best use of this mouse. It can also be your gaming mouse, as it is quite stable in its entire structure. 

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4. Logitech G403

This mouse has dual modes: wireless as well as through USB. It is a perfect gaming partner, after the Razer mice. It has at least a 1 ms rate of response of the available 1000 Hz. It has also been rated best for the durability that stands upright till the 20 millionth click. 

Thus, whenever the battery is low, you can easily connect this mouse to your laptop through the USB cable. Then this travel efficient and gaming mouse will help you in playing your favorite games without even running low on battery. That is because when you plug the USB inside the laptop, this Logitech mouse will simultaneously begin charging itself.

5. Razer Mamba Wireless Mouse

This is yet again, an epic travel-friendly mouse. It has up to 50 hours of battery life, which is rather enjoyable for the average traveler and gamer. We consider this as a perfect gaming mouse as it has around 16,000 DPI optical sensor. Therefore, the transmission speed of the clicks is quite fast for the entire gameplay, even during the outdoor travel plans.

It has customizable chroma color profiles wherein there are about 16.8 million color choices approximately. Its ergonomic design helps to feel less fatigue for the gamers and travelers even after playing with the mouse for long hours during the day.

The wheel of this mouse is rubberized and ridged at the same time. So, it will not slip out of your finger when you need to twirl it to move the cursor around the screen.

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6. Apple Magic Mouse 2

We all know that Apple is an elite brand across the world. Therefore, in this mouse, you will find both brand and comfort. It is both a wireless and rechargeable mouse. Currently, it is available in the silver color, which is a very different pattern than the average gaming mouse in the online store.

This mouse has a multi-touch facility. So, you can swing your finger over the mouse without actually having to click the button to swipe the web pages around.

Apart from that, its optimized foot design is best even after being certainly flat over the top. The foot design is trustable and will not ever easily slip out of any gamer’s hand. Moreover, this product is efficient in keeping the environment in control because it has rechargeable batteries. You do not need to keep changing the batteries when you are using this mouse. 


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