TV industry is continuously changing due to the expansion of digital technologies. Now viewers demand the fantastic blend of entertainment and functionality at all times. We, the users, always like to receive the best services of cable TV when it comes to our favorite sports, news, and family programs without affecting our budget. However, cable TV providers offer too many choices for their customers. With these choices, users sometimes get confused while selecting the ultimate cable TV service. We have taken an in-depth analysis of the services by the nation’s largest cable TV providers regarding availability, pricing, channels, and customer satisfaction reviews. After a thorough assessment, we found Spectrum, XFINITY, Cox, Frontier, and Mediacom as five best cable TV providers in the USA.

Charter Spectrum:

Charter Spectrum offers cutting-edge digital services in over forty states of the US like cable TV, internet, and voice. Charter Cable TV provides impressive and reliable features to the users through three remarkable package tiers like Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold. Users get the incredible experience of more than 200 sports, news, and family channels in HD like ESPN, HBO, HBO GO, MAX GO, CNN, RedZone, TMC, NFL Network and many more. Free DVR allows users to pause and record their favorite content whenever they want and watch it in their spare time. With Spectrum TV app, customers get access to thousands of movies in 3D through on-demand choices. Cable TV couples perfectly with the Charter internet through TV app and users can watch their downloaded content or stream live in HD. Charter Spectrum TV services are available at economical rates of $60 per month without any contract policy with the consumers. In 2018, Charter achieved the highest position among other service providers by scoring 63/100 in ACSI and customer reviews.

Comcast XFINITY:

XFINITY is quite popular among the users and offers cable TV facilities in over thirty-nine states of the US. It has a friendly approach towards users and offers cable TV without requiring users to bundle it with other services like internet and phone. Instead, it provides a wide range of choices for users in all the five packages of the cable TV without any bundle. It delivers popular and premium sports, entertainment, and news channels through three packages that are Starter, Preferred, and Premium. With these packages, users get access to more than 200 TV channels like HGTV, TNT, ESPN, NAT GEO WILD, ESPNEWS, MGM, STARZ ENCORE, etc. Comcast Starter package charges $49.99 per month and less expensive than Charter Select TV that costs $64.99 per month. However, Starter package does not provide access to favorite channels and movies through on-demand choices. In recent years, Comcast has gained the extraordinary trust of customers as its ACSI points are 60/100 in 2018.


Cox Communication delivers telecommunication services to over 6.2 million across the US including 2.9 million cable TV users. One of the exciting features of Cox is that it allows users to customize their cable TV through a wide range of technical library. Where professional installation needs $75, it offers the self-installation facility to its users at $20. Comcast Contour TV package provides more than 140 top-class quality channels in HD at $64.99 per month like sports, entertainment, educational, family and kids’ networks. It offers primary TV channels in this package, and if users desire to add more channels, then it can be done by paying an additional charge for each network. Users are required to pay $11-$16 per month for adding more channels in the preselected base. It has significant customer satisfaction record, and it scored 63/100 in ACSI and customer reviews.


Frontier offers two excellent TV to its customers depending upon the location and coverage like FiOS TV and Vantage TV. FiOS TV provides cable TV and internet services through fiber-optic technology. Users can get the sharper and crystal clear images only if they have HD or ultra HD TVs. It offers more than 60% of popular entertainment, news, and sports networks to its consumers and usually charges $80 for the installation of FiOS TV. Its ACSI and customer reviews are average as compared with other providers. In 2018, it received 60/100 from ACSI and 59/100 from Consumer Reports.


While other cable TV providers also offer TV without bundling service, only Mediacom provides cable TV paired with the internet. The user can get fastest and reliable internet speed of 100 Mbps along with the Local “Plus TV” plan that offers primary channels like ABC, NBC, CW, etc. However, you can also watch premium channels by subscribing to Family TV plan. Mediacom is highly expensive when it comes to installation fees as it charges more than $90 for installation. Customer service of Mediacom is quite worrisome, and it received 56/100 from ACSI and 58/100 from Consumer Reports.