Are you looking for the best Canadian Cities weather, Well, here you go; a list of the best Canadian Cities weather (Small and Major cities) : the rank Depends on most time temperatures between 20 C and 24 C per year (‘Goldilocks’ weather: not too hot, not too cold) / Mildest winter / Lowest snowfall / Fewer snow days and more…

Best Canadian Cities Weather


Calgary is known as one of the coldest weather in Canada with long, cold, dry winters , But surprisely the city ranked as one of the sunniest in Canada during the year , with 84 days temperature between 20 C – 24 C around 2,499 hours of sunshine annually


Edmonton has milder winters with average daily temperatures range from a low of −11. 7 °C – 6 °C on January to April , the city ranked as No 1 in Canada for (‘Goldilocks’ weather) With 89 days temperature between 20 °C – 24 °C around 2,214 hours of sunshine annually

3Quebec City

Summers are warm and occasionally hot, With 82 days temperature between 20 C – 24 C around 1,905 hours of sunshine annually, summer being the sunniest, but also slightly the wettest season snow stays on the ground from about December to April

2Vancouver BC.

Vancouver is one of the warmest Canadian cities, and the Winters Vancouver is the second mildest. Inundation it’s one of the lowest snowfalls, Average yearly snowfall is 48.2 cm , also with 65 days temperature between 20 C – 24 C around 1,815 hours of sunshine annually.

1Victoria BC.

Victoria has a temperate climate with mild, rainy winters and cool, dry and sunny summers, Victoria averages just 26 cm of snow falls annually also with 65 days temperature between 20 C – 24 C around 2,195 hours of sunshine annually

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