Recently a new trend of using charcoal for teeth whitening has been seen, a trend mostly promoted by social media platforms. Writing from a personal experience I can say that charcoal toothpaste can prove to be very beneficial for teeth, however if not chosen wisely you can end up with hurting enamels and teeth in a worse condition than before.

However, with thorough research and personal experiments we are providing you with a list of some of the best charcoal teeth whitening products. This list will help you choose the best product that matches with your requirements and the condition of your teeth.

So, let’s start building the list.

1. Twin lotus active charcoal toothpaste

This is all-natural, fresher tasting toothpaste. It is an excellent product for tongue cleaning too. I brushed the right way it can clean both tongue and teeth. You will love the bubbles it forms in your mouth. Most of the regular toothpastes fail to make a foam in the mouth making it difficult and harsh to brush, however with this toothpaste you will get just the right amount of foam you like.

Coming to the taste of charcoal, yes, it is there, however the minty flavor overpowers the taste of charcoal. It is very minimal and you will feel refreshed after brushing.

It will remove the daily stains from your teeth in the first brush, however the more permanent stains caused by over consumption of tea, coffee or wine will start to diminish within the first 10 days of regular use.

Whitening of your teeth will take time, so be patient and do not quit.

2. Fine Vine charcoal toothpaste

An all-natural product best suited for teeth whitening as the company advertises. Our personal experience and customer reviews have shown it to be a better bad breath remover.

It cannot be stated as an outstanding product but it is rather an average but useful product for teeth whitening.

You may find a little extra charcoal taste in it and if you smoke regularly then do not expect this toothpaste to suppress the taste of smoking.

If you have a sensitive skin then please note that some customers have complained about having acne around their upper and lower lips after using this toothpaste.

This product also fails to create the foam in mouth while brushing but it will clean your teeth and gums.

This toothpaste might not come with all the luxuries with it but it is a well-made product for your dental care and teeth whitening.

brilliant black charcoal toothpaste3. Terra brilliant black charcoal toothpaste

Another all natural product addition this list. A newly introduced product that is best suited for stain removal from teeth.

It comes with an extra treat and that is the toothbrush. A completely biodegradable bamboo toothbrush containing nylon bristles. The nylon bristles are further enhanced with activated charcoal. I might as well understand rocket science than how this is done but am impressed by this toothbrush.

You may find the product turning grey in your mouth and might take it as a lesser amount of charcoal but don’t worry this is completely normal as it happens to most of charcoal toothpastes.

If you are looking for a better tasting product, well then this might not be the best product for you. It does not really taste good and you might have to use a better tasting mouthwash after brushing.

Other than that, this excellent product for removing the permanent stains on teeth. You will start to observe the results in the initial brushes.

4. Colgate charcoal toothpaste

This name looks familiar, doesn’t it? Well it must do because it is one the most popular toothpastes of all time and now they also, like many others, have come up with their charcoal flavor.

Let’s come to sadder to part about this toothpaste. Unlike the other products on this list and too much of our disappointment, Colgate has not developed an all-natural product. It contains silica, sodium fluoride and some other chemicals like these.

It will give you a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth but you would not be very much impressed by the number of teeth whitening it gives.

It is not heavy on the pocket because it is very smooth toothpaste and a very small amount is needed to brush for about two minutes. So, a regular 140g bottle of it can last for about 3 months.

5. Vena beauty charcoal toothpaste

The last product making it to this list is vena beauty charcoal toothpaste. A product best for enamel protection and overall tooth care.

Previously they produced charcoal powder products but now they have also started manufacturing the charcoal toothpaste.

Leaving your mouth fresh with a minty flavor it is good for smokers as well as coffee consumers. It uses artificial coconut oils however they do not prove to be harmful for teeth.

It must be noted that all these product reviews are for an average consumer and are not an alternative review for dental professionals.