There is nothing life the lifestyle of a freelancer who works remotely from their own comfort. You can live anywhere and most often work your own schedules. It is a life of relative freewill. Since such a lifestyle gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere, it is important to determine where you will be working from. There are many cities worldwide that make a lot of sense for those working remotely. Here are 5 of the best cities you should consider for yourself.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tucked beautifully amid the mountains, Chiang Mai is a pleasant place to work remotely. In fact, it is the outskirts of the city that make the most sense for you. It offers peaceful localities where you will not be bothered by the fast pace of the world. However, all the amenities of modern life are readily available and the city downtown is just a few miles away.

Chiang Mai is well connected to the capital city of Bangkok, featuring an airport and land-based transport hubs. If you want to work remotely and independently, you shouldn’t have to worry about many things. This especially includes connectivity and your daily necessities. You can work remotely from within this city using VPNpro while the food is exceptionally cheap while offering the best. The city also has many co-working spaces with fast connectivity.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin may not be the first city that comes to your mind when thinking of working remotely. If Europe is where you want to work from, the capital of Germany can just be the perfect place for you. The major European city may have slightly high cost of living, but if you know how to manage your budget, it can make it worth for you.

Berlin is also perfect for those who need to host periodic co-working events or workshops for entrepreneurs or freelancers. It is also easy and cost-effective to travel within the city, within the continent or worldwide, because it has some of the best transport connectivity you can find anywhere. The Berlin Freelance Visa has a case for itself that gives you lots of advantage .

3. Cancun, Mexico

Mexico has much more to offer than its great food and the avocados. Cancun is a beautiful coastal city located along the pristine blue Caribbean. If your goal is to work remotely, save some money, and enjoy Mexican food, think no further. And whenever you find time off from work, there are many water sports to engage in and to rejuvenate your mind and body. You can afford to live a great life by managing the cost of living to be close to $700 a month.

4. Dallas, Texas

If you are open to working and living within the United States, Dallas should be on the top of your list. Dallas is in fact the No.1 city in the country for telecommuters to work from. There are many co-working spaces and even more coffee shops. All you will need is your laptop to work efficiently from any of these places. Even if you haven’t found an employer to work remotely for, there are many technology enterprises in the city that can offer tons of work.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a unique European city in that it offers the best of what the continent has to offer, and yet it allows you to live a life within budget. The beautiful city has a rich history, magnificent architecture, natural surroundings, and lower cost of living compared to its surroundings. You can easily keep the cost of living under $1000 a month.

So these are 5 of the best cities you can work remotely from. If you are looking to maintain the perfect balance between quality of life, amenities ,and affordability, these should be on the top of your list.

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